“Dear John,” the letter from the Illinois Republican Party begins.  It’s a letter sent out by the Illinois Republican Party State Chairman Don Tracy.  Yeah, that Don Tracy.

“I am proud to present your Illinois Republican Party Sustaining Membership Card for the 2024 Election Year.  Embossed with your name and featuring an image of Abraham Lincoln and our new logo, your card says a lot about you…  It’s a testament to your investments in our Party and our candidates as we battle powerful special interests to stop their Chicago-style corruption and woke agenda…”

Under Don Tracy’s leadership we’re going to do all that?  I notice that he didn’t mention digging his party out of the super-minority status in the Illinois House and Senate.  Probably for good reason.

Probably because Mr. State Chairman Don Tracy doesn’t have a plan.

He’s at best a placeholder in a leadership position, not a leader.  And for quite a while he’s looked inept on good days and incompetent on most other days.

How incompetent is Don Tracy’s leadership?

Don Tracy can’t even administer a fundraising mailing, much less lead Republicans out of the super-minority position on his watch.

Here’s “my” sustaining membership card.  With Tim Harris’ name embossed upon it.

Hey Tim, I got your card buddy!

Don Tracy’s been one disaster after another.  He backed that dipstick mayor in his run for governor last election cycle.  Tracy’s alienated grassroots volunteers.  Even worse, he’s knocked out lots of true conservatives candidates from races, leaving us with nitwits like Scott Preston who support “common sense gun control.”

In fact, if you were Democrats, you couldn’t ask for (or appoint) a less effective “leader” of the Illinois Republican Party than Don Tracy.

Well, maybe.  They’d probably ask for Adam Kinzinger.  Or Mr. Jim Durkin.

The Illinois Republican Party doesn’t need a new logo.  It needs new leadership and a new vision.

12 thoughts on “PAGING TIM HARRIS: The inept IL Republican Party can’t even mail out a fundraiser without screwing it up…”
  1. What a glittering jewel of incompetence… I don’t follow politics that deeply, but I know the national GOP chairman- that Romney woman- was utterly incompetent. Maybe she should apply for the Illinois job.

  2. The Illinois Republican Party isn’t going to dig themselves out of super-minority status as long as they continue their obsession with abortion because for some reason a lot of women don’t share the views of that party and think the government is supposed to be out of the doctor’s office. Small government anyone? Additionally, many state Republican 2024 platforms are already proposing “marriage only man/woman.” So apparently, the party didn’t get the message that men and women can still get married and when they put this in their platform they are turning OFF about 70% of the voters who know it’s just an anti-gay appeasement to the religious wacko right who still holds this fringe backward view who also used to say marriage is between people of the same race. Yes they did! Langley Outdoor Academy put out a video yesterday about Dems in Colorado killing a bill that would increase firearm theft penalties to a felony because it conflicted with another “pilar” of not wanting more people in prisons. The Republican Party has the same problem. They say they support gun rights (pilar) while also supporting blanket and blind police support (pilar). Like the Dems those are CONFLICTING issues. We already know in Illinois that between the two, Republicans support the police who are……..wait for it………….the ones enforcing Pritzker’s gun control over and above any support, mostly pretend support for the 2A. The Republican Party is controlled opposition and anyone not understanding that gets played the fool over and over again. It’s like the Republican Party is in a race with itself to see what issue alienates the most voters while throwing their gun owning constituents under the bus by worshiping the ISP who NO ONE trusts.

    1. Gipper, Brat is one of the “in-depends” crowd just so “he?” can bash Republicans, when “he” votes he has NO representation, just sayin’, FWIW. “He” might as well not “bother” to vote.

  3. Hey Tim, I hope you didn’t send any money to the Republicans.

    They’d just send it to Ukraine somehow anyway. To buy a Swiss mansion or new Rolls for the Zelensky clan.

    Wonder who Tim is? New campaign. Finding Tim. Where’s Tim Harris?

  4. Next thing you know the Democrats will be calling you, Bob.

    Bob, send us your cash. Even better send us Visa Gift Cards. $250 or less.

  5. Republicans in Illinois are the state of Fake “Innovation” and university and 3rd party money and data funnel. Pritzker makes a ton of that Model (China model).
    As a Republican I anticipated issues like this with their bit SalesForce and marketing pushes and money/data funnel (the Dreamteam- so called)

    Surveillance capitalists (they will take your data and personal privacy for digital innovation but fight for gun rights. They have been fools for a while.

  6. “Place holder” is even an overstated term for Mr. Tracy. It’s actually more like a bad WEEKEND AT BERNIES sequel. If you ever get the chance to speak with Mr Tracy one-on-one, he will not (or cannot) respond coherently to any of the issues you have concerning the Illinois GOP. Take a look at the facts. His family business contributed money to Biden campaign. During the primaries of 2022, Tracy and Richard Porter recruited career Democrat (and Pritzker ally), Richard Irvin, to run for Illinois Governor. Despite the fact, that Mr Tracy and the rest of the Illinois GOP central committee run around with their elite friends rubbing elbows at $250 a plate dinner parties, they have not raised a significant amount of money. Last year, they finally recognized the power of the “grass-roots” people and actively sent their puppet Larry Smith around to recruit people in the grass-roots movement. But, not for a place at table. They really wanted to use the grass roots people as their little worker bees to push the central committee’s agenda. I am convinced that there will be NO advancement of the GOP in Illinois until Tracy and the rest of the GOP central committee is totally overhauled.

  7. Brad, people like Gipper’s Ghost who cling on to obsolete views don’t like it when people point out how those backward views actually push people to the other side. They can’t be wrong and blame everyone else for alienating people. So all they can come up with is saying someone probably doesn’t vote. It’s a hail mary pass because they lost their argument.

    1. I think it’s becoming tiresome with governments picking & choosing winners or losers via any of their tawdry actions. The ethical person knows what is correct, the moral person does what is correct.

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