We all saw the post-Superbowl parade mass casualty incident in Kansas City, Missouri. All told 21 were wounded and one person died. A dozen kids were wounded.

Was it gang violence erupting from young gang members with little impulse control?

Or was it more ominous?

At first it surely seemed like gang violence to us and many, many others.  Others looking closer at the images of the alleged perps are thinking something else entirely.

Look at the face of the first suspect police apprehended.

Big Country Expat describes him as this:

I’ve seen that look before. That right there is not the face of a “gangbanger.”


Last time I saw a hardened, flat-eyed, emotionless look like that was at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. From hardcore Jihadis. That dude above is not a homeboy by any means.

Some in the media have suggested that the guy pictured above is Sahil Omar, an illegal immigrant. Now the media are backpedaling furiously to walk that back.

His name may or may not be Omar, but he looks way too old to be engaging in petty gang shootouts. He didn’t get that old being teenage stupid in the gang culture.

Here’s his fellow traveler:

Again, more from Big Country Expat, a veteran:

Now him? He does pass as black, however looking closely, that pencil thin ‘stache that he has? Plus the facial structure? Guy looks Egyptian to me… And according to sources there were three of these guys.

Here’s a shot of the suspect’s gun. It’s an AR with a Promag 40-round magazine inserted.

Was this a case of a quartet of Islamic terrorists / sleeper cell agents doing a test run to assess how a crowd would react to a shooter or three? Or was it just another instance of many of gang members shooting at one another?

Time may tell.

4 thoughts on “Kansas City Chiefs Mass Casualty Incident: Gang beef or Islamic terror test run”
  1. It could have been both. The gang members could have influenced him to start early, before he had the chance to get into final position.

  2. It is really really sad that we have to be discussing either possibility. Being born in 1946 I have seen a lot of good and bad in my life but now it is looking like the bad is outweighing the good by a wide margin. This whole incident seems to have died down in the press and this is the first I have seen a picture of the second person involved. Ann Colter just said the longer it takes to ID a shooter the less possibility they are a straight white man.

    1. The press has already stopped talking about this shooting, if the shooters had been white Christian males it would still be big news.
      Every Christmas, Thanksgiving and Fourth of July I expect something to happen.
      This was no random act of violence, you just don’t bring an ar15 to watch a parade unless you have something planned.

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