Isn’t it amazing how the mainstream media’s narratives never change.  Even in the face of evidence to the contrary.  Take gang violence in our cities.  When gangs shoot up public places, the mainstream media usually cover the story aggressively, with a pillow that is, until it stops moving.

Take the gang-violence incident in Kansas City, Missouri.  At the celebration for the KC Chiefs winning the Super Bowl, some gang members traded words, insults and “disrespect.”  Of course, in their world, impugning a gang banger’s reputation or “disrespecting” him is, for them, grounds to pull out their guns and start shooting.

And the mainstream media reports it as “gun violence” instead of using a better descriptor: gang violence.

Take USA Today’s “coverage”:

In US, celebrations can quickly become tragedies when gun violence erupts

A Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City, Missouri, has become another joyful celebration marred by gun violence in the United States, a lurking danger that hovers over Americans as they gather together to celebrate, honor and commemorate.

The chance that a single event might become the scene of violence is relatively small, but tragedy after tragedy has become a part of the national psyche. Meanwhile, some politicians and advocates are again questioning where in America it is truly safe to gather in celebration.

Then they go on to bring up the Las Vegas terror attack:

In 2017 a gunman shot more than 11,000 rounds of ammunition at an outdoor country music concert near his Las Vegas hotel as fans crouched in terror, killing 60.

And the police, both local and at the FBI buried the man’s true motives.  We’ll give you a hint:  he was a Muslim.  And The Atlantic, a known bastion of hard-hitting investigative reporting (cough), mocks the idea that it was a Muslim terror attack.

This morning, the Islamic State’s semi-official news agency, Amaq, took credit for the Las Vegas massacre, which killed 58 and wounded another 515. The likely killer, identified by police as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock of Mesquite, Nevada, was not known to be a supporter of the Islamic State, or indeed a Muslim of any type. For now, the only evidence that the Islamic State was involved is its own assurance—first a press release announcing that a “soldier of the Islamic State” executed the concertgoers, and a follow-up for the baffled, explaining that he converted to Islam months ago. The FBI has stated that it doesn’t believe the attack was related to international terrorism.

And the USA Today brings up the Highland Park massacre in their very next sentence:

In 2022, a man with a rifle fired into a July 4th parade outside Chicago. Parents frantically ran, some holding their children and seven died.

A “man” more aptly described as a social misfit loser who dressed as a woman.  He committed the murders in a gun-free zone, no less.

And now, a couple of days later, the AP cracks open the true motive behind the attack with a partial sentence description, without calling it what it truly was.  But Americans aren’t stupid:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The mass shooting that unfolded amid throngs of people at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration, killing one person and wounding almost two dozen others, appeared to stem from a dispute between several people, authorities said Thursday.



23 thoughts on “KANSAS CITY MASS CASUALTY INCIDENT: Evidence shows it was just more GANG VIOLENCE not ‘gun violence’”
  1. Of course the shit stain known as “media” will join in with the liberal filth and exploit the tragedy to push the agenda.

  2. THE………USUAL………..SUSPECTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A ‘gun’ is not violent. Craven ass clowns like the usual suspects are violent. These people have lost their souls.

  3. Are you seriously advancing the notion that Stephen paddock was a moslem because the islamic fanatics are claiming responsibility for that attack? that’s almost as silly as claiming you can add fractions together.
    Get serious, man! He was as white as snow and had utterly no evidence of membership in that murder/pedophilia cult.

    1. They are writing about our own “ken”;
      “A “man” more aptly described as a social misfit loser”, if the “Islamic State’s semi-official news agency, Amaq, took credit for the Las Vegas massacre, why question it; The likely killer, identified by police as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock; for the *baffled*, explaining that he converted to Islam months ago.”
      *baffled*: aka: mentally deficient, demented, imbecilic, aka: “ken”!
      FYI: 1/8″ + 7/8″ = 1″, moron!

    2. There is 0 evidence that he was a moslem and I don’t know if you’ve heard you ol coot, but moslems lie as part of their philosophy. Unlike Christianity which discourages lying as a sin it is part of the koran’s recommended conduct. Quoting any Islamic news agency as an authority. Sources like referring to someone else’s petition for certiorari as authority! Its just dumb.

      If you want to know the real story behind that shooting, just look up the lovely, brilliant and talented Mindy Robinson’s documentary on info wars website. She’s missus randy coture. It has nothing to do with islam and everything to do with three-letter american agencies

      * And I think it’s ironic that i’m using android’s voice dictation software to dictate this and it capitalizes moslem , but does not capitalize Christianity. What are you trying to tell us there?

      ** you keep practicing your fraction-adding witchcraft, and youll find yourself opening a portal to hell, ol fart, like that 1980’s horror movie with the lovely tawny kitaen in it …witchboard.

    3. GSL1589, you’ve probably said STUPID, asinine, moronic and even sub-moronic things your whole life, but even you must admit that this:

      “if the “Islamic State’s semi-official news agency, Amaq, took credit for the Las Vegas massacre, why question it”

      is probably among the dumbest shite ever uttered by any human being!

      Why question it? Why, indeed? If a moslem says something, believe it! It’s like the pound-me-too movement’s position that “all wahmen must be believed,” even the lying little beyotches who would say ANYTHING about a man in order to have vengeance for any perceived slight. Why question it? Um, how bout, cause a moslem said it? They make LYING a part of their “religion.” And just a little googling shows that the ONLY “evidence” that he converted to isloonacy is that murder-cult’s (“the islamic state”) statement that he had. Nobody ever saw him attend a mosque. Nobody ever saw him with a koran. Nobody can quote ANY words he used in support of the murder-cult. But believe it, cause GSL says so! You guys just keep getting dumber and dumber. You’re despicable, but to blame that mass murder on a guy who was CLEARLY a patsy and who may not even have been ALIVE when it happened, AND attribute it to the murder-cult isis is bordering on LUNACY.

      GO watch Mindy’s amazing documentary, narrated, written, produced and RESEARCHED by her:

    4. “kenny-boy”
      I really “keep you going” (berserk) on the FACT that fractional numbers, aka: fractions, can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided, because it is just basic math, and, …basic math is the base of logic and logical equations, THEREFORE,…. YOU are soooo far from having a logical “mindset”, (first you must have a mind), that in itself is proof you are demented, delusional, despicable, and disgusting, the way you try to associate logical math to “witchcraft” and “devil worship”.
      AND, about your delusion, “ken” says: “I’m a big fan of differential equations, matrices and the “area under the curve.” (Yeah, I had those, too!) Those make bridges and airplanes fly”; I have yet to see a bridge fly, how is it that your “differential equations and matrices” MAKE bridges fly?? Only in your demented imagination??
      BTW, I do not care if Stephen Paddock, was, or never was, a muslim and if the “Islamic State” claims participation, I figure they wanted to claim responsibility to create more general angst and fear whether or not they were involved. To the terrorists it was a “freebee”, so what? Just another thing to drive you MORE bat-poop goofy/delusional/imbecilic/ect.
      Keep posting “ken”, you show off your imbecility especially with the long-winded delusional screeds better than I ever could without your help. hahaha

    5. GSL1589: I will give you credit. That is a plausible explanation for the otherwise-ridiculous line:

      “if the “Islamic State’s semi-official news agency, Amaq, took credit for the Las Vegas massacre, why question it”

      “Why question it” typically means “accepting it without question, as true.” In your explanation, you seem to suggest that the truth of it wouldn’t matter, because their goal was to create terror and that incident certainly did, whether it was a moslem or otherwise.

      Okay, I’ll accept your explanation. It was johnboch who accepted it without questioning it. To suggest that Paddock was a moslem is borderline insane. THere’s just simply ZERO evidence of it.

      * you’ve now called me a “liar.” I am not a liar. Thus your statement is again DEFAMATORY. I must demand that you retract it, and any other that you’ve made in any other posting, because your calling me a liar causes me harm in my business. You are going to be sued. It’s not a question of “if,” but a question of “when.” Remember when I said I was prosecuted for defending myself with my pistol? How much money that legal defense cost me? Do you have that kind of money lying around to hire a lawyer to defend your defamatory statements? You better start banking it, cause that day is coming, soon.

    6. but, but, but, …”kenny-boy”, you ARE a liar, you keep professing “as silly as claiming you can add fractions together”, over and over; I have stated several SIMPLE examples of “adding basic fractions together” aka: 1/8″ + 7/8″ = 8/8″ = 1″, that you profess as “witchcraft, and devil worship”, and is a BLATANT LIE!
      HAHAHAHA, “defamed you”? hahahaha, I stated the truth! You keep posting blatant examples of your narcissism, yet, like all pathetic narcissists, you either deny or ignore the facts, you really are ““A “man” more aptly described as a social misfit loser”, as well as “mentally deficient, demented, and imbecilic”.
      “kenny-boy”, you really do need to take a refresher course in American English and proper grammar, muslim is not spelled “moslem”, and of course it is supposed to be capitalized but out of lack of respect, I don’t, FWIW, neither here nor there.
      BTW, how is it that your “differential equations, matrices and the “area under the curve.”, MAKE bridges FLY”?? Just in your delusional “mind”??/ IF bridges fly, where do they land?? Just wondering.
      HOW can I cause “harm in your business” when no one knows who you are or what business you are in”?? MORE delusion and narcissism!

    7. Gsl1589, you clearly are woefully underqualified in any battle of wits with me. Obviously you have never heard of the “doctrine of the last antecedent.” It means that words that follow a phrase or series of the same are consistently interpreted to modify only the IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING word or phrase.

      In this instance, in the expression, “…make bridges and airplanes fly,” the word “fly” is interpreted to refer ONLY to the word preceding it, or “airplanes.” So it’s as if saying “bridges………….and airplanes fly.” And due to the unique phenomena in American English lexicon, the “UNDERSTOOD,” the sentence is logically diagrammed as if written, “make bridges and make airplanes fly.” Not only does “fly” relate back to only “airplanes,” but the sentence is “understood” to say “make airplanes fly,” WITHOUT MY EVEN HAVING SAID THAT. But you’re too DUMB to know this. Now that I’ve explained it to you, there should be no future idiotic mistakes.

      This is important in the interpretation of statutes and constitutions, and interpreting the Hawaii supreme court’s recent opinion raises another important matter: Exactly WHAT history and tradition is to be consulted when determining whether a modern prohibition bears support in historical analogues, WHEN THE STATE THAT IS INVOLVED WASN’T ACTUALLY A STATE AT THE TIME OF THE ADOPTION OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT. Someone else mentioned slavery and the disarming of blacks, but another lower court somewhere has dealt with that very recently. I’ll see if I can’t find that opinion.

      I’m not defending Hawaii but they DID follow the supreme court’s instructions and turned to the history and tradition of HAWAII at the time of the adoption and, since it was a Kingdom, they referred to Kamahemaha’s prohibitions on firearms possession and use. So, until the supreme court qualifies that or clarifies that, you can’t blame them for doing exactly what the supreme court ordered.

      The fact that we don’t like it doesn’t make us right. The good thing is that it’s a purely local decision, it will never reach the supreme court.

    8. hahaha, “getting your goat” is soooo easy, “kenny-boy” hahahaha!
      blah, blah, blah, blah, “kenny-boy” your narcissistic arrogant persona is glaringly obvious, keep it up, it keeps me laughing AT your bloviating, obnoxious blather. Bridges flying, hahahaha!!

    9. HEY, “kenny-boy”, for Hawai’i to become a “state” under the “United States of America”, did they or did they NOT accept the United States’ Constitution, if not, then how is it that they (Hawai’i) are not bound by it as the “law of the land” and all that it (the Constitution) encompasses? Just wonderin’ FWIW, therefore, your blather of “the Constitution at it’s inception” is moot, IF Hawai’i adopted it to be “included” in the “United States of America”, so … your above post is a complete pile of “word manure”, FWIW!
      “Bridges flying”, hahahaha soo easy to “get yer goat” STILL laughing, hahaha

  4. Has everyone forgot about the Fort Hood massacre?
    An Army major named Nidal Malik Husan killed 13 and wounded 30 at Fort hood Texas in 2009.
    The Obama/Biden administration refused to label this a terrorist attack.

    1. The official obama administration’s position on was it was merely “workplace violence.”

      No shit.

  5. Add these fractions, you ol’ coot: 337 179/1137ths + 559 1374/11,392nds.

    Witchcraft. Pure, unadulterated witchcraft.

    1. Well, “kenny-boy” you first have to find the “common denominator” of 1340/11392nds and 179/1137ths, the “whole” numbers are easy 337/1 plus 559/1 = 896/1 (written in fractions) or 896, now, since you want to know the answer, I have stated the way you can figure it out …go for it, “kenny boy” it can be done but I won’t do it for YOU LIAR. You are being ridiculous to show your narcissistic, arrogant persona, asshole. OH, THAT’S RIGHT, YOU can’t add fractions because YOU are the intellectual idiot, RIGHT, “kenny-boy”

    2. I will give you a hint, “kenny-boy”, 11392 divided by 1137 = 10.0193491644679, therefore you need to multiply the numerator (179) by that number to equalize the denominators, FYI, SO the fractions added = 3,167.463500439754/11,392, can you comprehend that?
      896 and 3167.4635/11,392
      How do ya like me now, “kenny-boy”, “can’t add fractions”, my well endowed rear end, LIAR!!!
      KISS my well endowed rear end with wet sloppy ones!!

    3. BTW, “kenny-boy” I LOVE math problems, I wasn’t going to do it for you but then you would say it “couldn’t be done”, again, therefore, I went ahead and proved to you that it could be done, EVEN gave you guidelines to be able to do it, just because YOU are inept at simple math does NOT mean “it can’t be done”, PROVE ME WRONG!, “kenny-boy”
      I could probably do this simple math at sixth grade, and LOVED geometry, had a very nice teacher for geometry and it was basic angles and geometric shapes, probably why I was so good at carpentry, rafters, stairs etc., LOVED the work I did, building, remodeling, etc.
      YOU are STILL a LIAR, kenny-boy” KMA.

    4. To put it more simply, 896 and 3167.4635/11,392 would be real close to 896 1/4, (3.2/11.4, or 3/12 to round up/down, 1/4) (3 goes into 12, 4 times)
      SOOO SIMPLE, BUT, “intellectual MORONS” such as YOU “kenny-boy” will never “understand” it, just like in the 17th century when people did not understand something they had to claim it to be “witchcraft and devil worship”, but in the 21st century, basic math is basic LOGIC, and the basis for logical reasoning, which is apparent you have NO comprehension of.

    5. “kenny-boy” to simplify it even further, turn your fractions into decimal equivalent, aka: tenths/thousandths, etc, to do that divide the numerator by the denominator, aka: 179 divided by 1137 = 0.1574318381706245, and 1374 divided by 11,392 = 0.1206109550561789, added together = 0.2780427932268043, or 0.278, …1/4 = 0.25, 5/16 = 0.3125, 9/32 = 0.28125, therefore, are you ready?, 896 and 9/32nds would be a VERY close answer to your SIMPLE BASIC MATH problem simplified for your mentally inept limited education, how do you like me now, idgit? YOU ARE WELCOME! punk-boy.

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