Illinois is a deep blue state on the whole.  And along with deep blue comes a disregard of and even a hatred for issues like gun rights for the little people.

However, outside of Chicagoland, the blue quickly turns purple and even red.

Unlike Chicago residents, where some live in hiding almost like gays living in the closet back in the 1950s and earlier.  I can’t tell you how many Chicago residents I’ve had ask me if we can send GunNews wrapped in a brown envelope like they used to put on naughty magazines sent through the mail.  Many of these folks have “come out of the closet” so to speak about their gun ownership.  Good for them.  At the same time, there are complexities of living in the belly of the beast that I don’t understand so I’m not going to denigrate those who continue to maintain the low-profile in the city.

What’s surprised me in this election season is the unabashedly pro-gun positions staked out by many candidates.

Candidates like Crystal Loughran, running for the 76th State Rep seat.

I recognize her and the name because she’s a regular helping out at our LaSalle chapter meetings.  If you’re a fan of Pritzker and his politics, you will not want to vote for Crystal.  On the other hand, if you think Gov. Jelly Bean is very wrong-sighted about his politics, you will probably love (L-O-V-E love) Crystal’s solid pro-gun beliefs.

And I don’t think the water in Springfield would dilute her support for gun rights.

TALK IS CHEAP: Congressman Mike Bost claims ‘When it comes to guns, no one’s a stronger supporter than Mike Bost’ yet he’s strangely mum on defiance of PICA law

Yeah, some like Congressman Mike Bost in Southern Illinois will always claim to support gun rights and then go to Springfield or Washington and lobby for, or worse yet vote for gun control.

Bost, who claims that nobody’s stronger on guns than him advocated for the ATF to ban bump stocks and he, along with Adam Kinzinger, wanted to end private gun sales in America (they call it “universal background checks” which means an end to private sales of this sort of private property).

BALLSY: Darren Bailey publicly humiliates Gov. Pritzker… ‘I will NOT comply’

Contrast that with Darren Bailey, Bost’s primary race challenger, who publicly announced that he’s NOT going to comply with Illinois gun ban registry.

We welcome these political candidates who unabashedly stake out their pro-gun beliefs and positions.  God bless the righteous among us.

14 thoughts on “Conspicuously pro-gun candidates coming out in Illinois races… God bless the righteous among us”
  1. Your first sentence is incorrect.
    It should state “Illinois is a deep blue state and is a hole.”

  2. She needs to disassociate herself from the ISRA so people don’t think she “sits down at the table” and hands over some gun rights if the liberals promise we can keep some crumbs. Thank the ISRA for making everything worse.

    1. You are correct about the ISRA. The quick and easy question for anyone claiming to be for the 2A is to ask them how they would vote on HB2722 to further fund the Illinois State Police to do their thing. What is that thing? To enforce this new gun ban. I know it’s “just doing their job” however that doesn’t cut it. THAT JOB is to cause material harm on Illinois residents so if they say something about “doing their job” they’ll make excuses for the armed segment of the Illinois government. If they say “yes that’s their job and the reason why the abusive agency should be abolished” then I’m interested in hearing more from them. WHY is it that candidates running for office, especially the Republican Party are always SO FUCKING BACKWARD!!!!!!!!!!! Wearing the NRA as a badge of honor shows how out of touch with the times they are. Negotiating Rights Away (NRA) isn’t a pro-2A organization. It’s the opposite. It’s like them brandishing their flip phones in 2024 thinking they’re all high tech or something. The fact they do it without embarrassment makes me concerned for our future.

  3. Bost disparaged my Congresswoman, Mary Miller. Bost is a flea on the ass of Mary Miller’s horse. To show you how assed up the NRA is, they endorsed Bost over Bailey. Sadly, such dumbassery isn’t rare. Where does the NRA get its information from?

    1. Mary Miller SHOULD be disparaged because she is living in sin. 1 Corinthians 14:34 says women shall remain silent in the church. You might say that the halls of Congress isn’t the church. WRONG! She made it the church by pushing activist Christianity via federal law. Last year Congress voted on an passed the Respect for Marriage Act which recognizes same sex and interracial marriages as legalized by the states. BOTH same and interracial marriages are considered an abomination before the bible’s god. Cherry picked verses are available if you look. So in voting against the Respect for Marriage Act, she made Congress the church and is thus in sin by simply talking. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Either keep your religion out of Congress or SHUT THE FUCK UP! You don’t get to have it both ways. That’s why religion gets mocked. She also sinned by engaging in the “traditional” marriage LIE. Those holier-than-thou activists said they wanted same sex marriage left up to the states. The Respect For Marriage Act does exactly that! It does not force any state to perform same sex marriage is enough closet cases or those insecure with their masculinity voted against it. All it does is allow state to do what they want either way and the federal government recognizes it. That’s what the opponents of the 14th Amendment (treat everyone equally) man/woman only activists said. Their NO votes on that law proves they were in the sin of lying all the time. Thank goodness for BOST for disparaging this woman of sin. She has no voice and shall not be heard. Read the bible!!!!!!!

  4. Folks who want to help make a difference in elections might consider being an election judge or a pollwatcher. Illinois Freedom Alliance offers some good training on pollwatching and other election issues. Your county parties will also be looking for volunteers. I know the system is frustrating, but they’re still our elections, they won’t run without us.

    1. The Illinois Freedom Alliance says they support religious freedom on their website. I would like to get their training because mixing fabrics or eating shellfish violates my religion and I shouldn’t not be victimized by having to bake a cake for someone practicing an abomination that is CLEARLY spelled out in the bible. I do not support the “marriage” of people who eat shellfish and would like for the state voters to exercise their constitutional rights as a voter to have a voice in whether or not the state recognizes their “marriage.” LET THE PEOPLE VOTE!!!!!

  5. Travis, just so you know you’re wasting your time. Your insults don’t mean shit to me because I have no respect for you or what you have to say.

    1. Travis has gone “off the wall” with his/her? rants (don’t want to disparage his/her? pronouns, leftist wackos get belligerent and hateful at the “miss-pronoun”), seems he “came out” as “gay” in another post I think; just like “ken”, I doubt (s)he is a GSL member and appears that he just wants to “stirr manure” to get his jollies disrespecting/disparaging those who post on this site. Pathetic looozer.
      Don’t understand the double negative, though: “I shouldn’t not be victimized” .
      I agree with your post Land O Link.

  6. Land O.Link, I was literally just quoting scripture from the bible. One of the quickest ways to let a fake Christian identify themselves is to read their bible back to them. They are horrified and embarrassed of how absurd and off the wall some of this stuff sounds when it’s read back to them. As if you didn’t want people to notice. Religious activists love to say read the bible then they get mad when people actually do that and provide verses that no longer fit the times and looks like a sociopath wrote it. IF you were a real Christian you would be on board with women not speaking and people who eat shellfish being denied their marriage rights. You wouldn’t ignore the abomination of shellfish because YOU like shrimp but then cherry-pick the anti-gay verses because YOU dislike gay people. You would be consistent. If reading the bible is “insulting” then the bible insults itself. These things are what that book actually says. IT.IS.IN.THE.BIBLE!

  7. Land O.Link like any other self-righteous type feels “insulted” when someone highlights the absurdity of homophobia and what they call “religious freedom” like referencing the Illinois Freedom Alliance website. They get offended when someone else wants to have their own convenient use of “religious freedom” to deny public accommodations to people they don’t like and use the mixed fabric bible verse that is 100% ignored by the good Christians. The people who should “love the sinner hate the sin homosexuality is an abomination” are mostly oblivious to their actions but to anyone who’s got two eyes and two ears they see it as a glowing neon light that the person is either a closet case, insecure with their masculinity or just simply grossed out and think the world revolves around them so they say “keep your private life private” or some crap – go to your cry closet, you might just find yourself in the closest. Land O.Link isn’t insulted. He’s embarrassed. Travis called his bluff and everyone sees it.

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