You thought the Illinois State Rifle Association sent out a lot of fundraising mailings?  You thought the NRA was bad about constantly trying to raise money through mailings?  Folks, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen the Dorr boys.

The Dorr Brothers, the fine folks behind the American Firearms Association fundraising machine and their new “Illinois Firearms Association” chapter have been busy little fundraising beavers in the Land of Lincoln.

With their (burner?) VOIP phone, their Facebook page, and their private mailbox at a UPS store in Peoria, they would have you believe that they’re the great protectors of gun owners in our state.

We’ve gotten multiple contacts from people who have now received a SECOND fundraising mailing since the first of 2024.

This one was mailed from Lancaster, Ohio (zip 43130).  They couldn’t even bother doing their mailing from Illinois!

But that’s not surprising.  If you think that the money they raise from well-meaning gun owners will stay in Illinois, well, bless your heart.

Now, GSL’s critics and naysayers will no doubt say, “B-b-but GSL has done fundraising mailings!”

Guilty as charged.  We’ve done exactly two in thirty-one (31) years of advocacy work.  And we don’t have plans to do another at the moment.

The IFA is running somewhere near two in 31 days.

But wait, that’s not all!

If you sign up right now – er, wait.

They’re also buying ads from Big Tech to try to lure more gun owners into giving them email addresses and donations!  Nothing like spending gun owners money on ads from the very people who would fashion a noose to put around the necks of gun owners.

Buying ads from the very same people who censor and throttle our messaging.

Pro-tip:  Keep your money.  Don’t send money to grifters and scam artists.

Pro-tip #2:  Online “Petitions” are nothing more than email harvesting for future fundraising.

Donate to worthy organizations who actually get things done and avoid petitions like the plague unless you like sifting through hundreds of spam messages each day.

Here’s the good news… more than a few gun owners have mentioned to us that they’ve received these mailings.  They’re oh-so-glad they now know more about this brand new org.

Not only that, but I’ve had a few pols reach out to me to say these people have attempted to contact them as well.  They appreciate knowing more about this group as well.

5 thoughts on “CAVEAT EMPTOR: IL Firearms Association Fundraising in full swing”
  1. They’ll quit these mailings and ads when the money stops flowing.
    Until then, they’ll keep milking this cow.
    That’s what lowlife losers do.

  2. Thank you for the heads up about these people. I’ve told my state senator and representative. Like me, they hadn’t heard about these people. They now know what’s up with them.

  3. I smelled a rat when I saw Fathead Pritzker’s picture on the envelope. Into the trash bin it went.

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