A (likely illegal) “political” ad in today’s Sun-Times lauding Murder City USA’s Mayor Brandon Johnson calls him the “People’s Mayor.”  Sounds like something one might see from the People’s Republic of China.  Or North Korea.

Yep.  He’s done all sort of great things to assist in Chicago’s descent into a cesspool of lawlessness.

His latest?  He’s ending the city’s contract for ShotSpotter.  That way cops will have less likelihood of quickly responding to shots fired incidents and catching offenders.

Translation:  There will be an even LOWER likelihood that offenders will get caught.  Which means they’ll become even more brazen.

From Second City Cop:

Derided by some (including us) as a very very expensive “spent casing finder,” Conehead has decided that cops responding rapidly to the area of shots fired and having a better-than-average chance of apprehending offenders is just a waste of resources:

Mayor Brandon Johnson announced Tuesday that he won’t renew the city’s controversial contract with ShotSpotter, making good on a key campaign promise to do away with the gunshot detection system that has come under heavy fire for allegedly being overly costly and ineffective.

After the Sun-Times reported on the decision earlier in the day, Johnson’s office issued a statement saying the city “will decommission the use of ShotSpotter technology on September 22,” meaning cops will have access to the system throughout the historically violent summer months and the Democratic National Convention.

So it’s good enough to use during the “historically violent summer months”…..but not afterwards?

And what else?

He’s downgrading a bunch of Chicago Fire Department’s ambulances from Advanced Life Support to Basic Life Support.

Nothing like lowering innocent people’s chances of surviving gang warfare in the City of Murder.

Why do these communists like Brandon Johnson hate the little people so much?

8 thoughts on “COMMUNIST: The ‘People’s Mayor’ moves to shut down shot spotter, downgrade Chicago Fire ambulances to Basic Life Support”
  1. They voted for this guy. They deserve every bit of this and more. Enjoy it. You voted for it. Zero sympathy here.

  2. PS: I haven’t been to that shithole city for probably 10 years and probably won’t be there again for the rest of my life. There’s nothing they have that I can’t get a lot of other places that are a whole lot more safe. And cheaper without the corruption tax they all pay on top of everything else.

    1. and, …there are Republicans that vote (are) democRATS but there are NO democRATS that vote (are) Republican.

  3. Is it just me or does this ad look strangely familiar to those hideous billboards promoting the super mayor/criminal of Dolton?

  4. Not sure the teachers union is going to be able to resuscitate Mayor Dumbass’s approval rating.

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