Greg Bishop does a really nice job with his “Bishop On Air” radio show in the mornings.  I don’t always have time to listen to it live but he reposts some of the best segments.  Frankly, when he has long-time Chicago reporter William Kelly on, it’s time well spent to listen.

Kelly was on yesterday and described a “migrant apocalypse” in Chicago thanks to thousands of illegals being shipped up from Texas and other states responding to the Windy City’s “Sanctuary” status and their “Welcoming” ordinances.

I’ve heard from health care professionals who say that ERs are packed with illegals with everything from communicable diseases to sniffles to stabbings.  Law enforcement peeps tell me these people are seldom held on any charges short of murder, and even sometimes not then.  And they seldom, if ever show up for court.

Of course, ordinarily if they blow off court following arrests, the court sends out a letter with a new court date and a firm “reminder” to appear, or else.  Yeah, when the name is fictitious and the address is “tent on Michigan Ave.,” then not even Santa’s gonna be able to deliver that.  In other words, these illegals get to freely break the law without consequence.

What does that give you?  Crime without consequence?  It gives you more crime.

And sure enough, Kelly talks about the surging crime committed by people who just came to America – ILLEGALLY.

Here’s a clue:  Pack your heater and ABC:  Always Be Carrying.

Listen to this from yesterday’s “Bishop on Air”.  And curious, why does YouTube not have this listed among Greg’s videos on his channel?  This isn’t the first time this has happened.  Why, it’s almost like they’re trying to censor posts or segments that don’t fit the globalist narrative they (Google) enforce.

Greg might want to livestream on Rumble if this trend continues.

And now when I checked it again after I pulled it up from my “history” from listening to it on my way to the Sangamon County GSL meeting last night, it’s there.  Hmm.

9 thoughts on “‘MIGRANT APOCALYPSE’: Illegal alien invasion of Chicago described as ‘apocalypse’; ‘a failure of leadership’ cited by William Kelly to Greg Bishop”
  1. Welcome to America, “governed” by the corrupt democRATT-i-KKK Bribe’im administration, rampant with corruption, crime, no accountability for crimes, and rampant Cloward-Piven strategy enacted to destroy America as founded.
    Pray for America, not so much for Chitcago, let the devil and the democRATTS have at it!.
    Rest in peace, Toby Kieth, who passed away last night, 2-5-2024, may he rest with our Saviour in Paradice! (Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue, and American Soldier and other patriotic songs)

    1. What are you praying to, you rat-fu*k criminal defamer? A man who believed in GOD would never stoop to calling another man the names you’ve called me. WHich, by the by, reminds me to remind you to print retractions in every post in which you’ve called me those horrid things. Or you’ll face significant punitive damages.

    2. K M A$$, “ken”, yes, I do “defame” crime/criminals, W T F? YOU are still an idiot “ken” G T HADES! or the democRATT UNDERGROUND, they will love you there. Here, not so much.

    3. Amy’s daddy, playing dr., “ken”, what has happened to Amy? Is she “too old” for you now? What about “that lovely YOUNG woman” Jelly Belly’s daughter, is she “too old” for you too? just wondering, you really are pathetic, “playing dr.” “ken”, just GO AWAY! creep.

    4. So now you’re outright calling me a “criminal.” That’s defamation per se. It is civilly actionable, and you’ll be hit with significant punitive damages. I’m no criminal, and that is objectively verifiable. Please retract ALL of your defamatory statements viz. me, immediately.

  2. Friend of mine had something in his eye and went to the ER at Stroger (however you spell it). It was an effin zoo he said. He told me if he wasn’t in such pain and could keep his other eye open to drive, he would have bailed. Spent quite a while waiting. Not a lot of English spoken among those waiting for “service.”

  3. No such thing as a migrant, as there is no such thing as an assualt weapon. F’ing illegal f’ing aliens. Yes Chad, according to Federal statute these people ARE illegal!!!!!!

    1. Yes, Jeff, but I refer to them as illegal INVADERS the correct terminology, and the corrupt Bribe’im administration, using the Cloward-Piven Marxist philosophy to destroy America, aka: flood America to bankrupt the “welfare system” as well as all financial programs funded by the taxpayers. The democRATTS are EVIL, personified!

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