Why it’s almost like our ruling class in Illinois hate Americans and will do anything and everything they can to make our lives worse while welcoming semi-literate, unvaccinated people who come not because they want to become Americans, but because of economic reasons.

Democrats welcome them because they represent what they think will be reliable Democratic voters to replace the black voters leaving the Dem political plantation.

eGOP pols welcome them because it’s cheap labor for businesses who will look the other way to employ illegal immigrants for a fraction of what they would have to pay American workers.

And the rest of us get to deal with paying for these criminal invaders (who seem to be disproportionately military-age males) to gave lots of goodies.

Like $9000 or more a month in benefits.

And then when that’s not “enough” they go out and start committing crimes, both property crimes and violent crimes.

While we have homeless veterans in our nation… some of whom are dealing with mental or physical service-related injuries.

Maybe it’s time we show these folks the door.

9 thoughts on “‘I’D COME TO CHICAGO TOO’: Chicago alderman reveals how city is paying $9k per MONTH to illegal invaders”
  1. $9000, one time, would ship a lot of those people back to the border on a bus (handcuffs and shackles optional for those who won’t play nice) and a one-way turnstyle back to Mexico. From there, they are on their own to find their way home.

  2. $9000 x 12 months: $108,000.
    Median income in America: $31,000.
    If you’re not pissed yet, you’re not paying attention.
    The pols who support this should be run out of office on a rail after tar and feathering.

    1. Byron, the politicians should be tarred and feathered then deported with the illegals, they are unAmerican, or causing insurrection against America so let them be deported!

  3. It would be the best money we ever spent to ship every last one of them back to the Border and send them across. Finish the wall. Guard the wall. Also tax remittances back to Mexico and in fact all of Central America at 50% or more. Imprison employers who hire these people . If you make it economically painful and unviable to live here they will Deport themselves.

  4. “unvaccinated” invaders? Well, then. I guess I actually have something to credit them with in the positives column.

    1. Yeah, let those who have no polio, mumps/measles, diphtheria, and all childhood diseases American children are vaxed against come in and spread their “third-world” diseases that have long been eliminated/controlled for many years, just what America needs, right, Basturdich’? W T F? YOU are as demented as “ken”!

  5. Don’t forget those demands for free “culturally” acceptable menus. Intel has it that each arriving foreign terrorist will be furnished with a “gentleman’s gentleman” ( a butler) in the near future.

  6. Deport the Democrats (and half the US Senate) in lieu of some of the illegals. The United States will be better off in the long run.

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