So if Denver PD apprehended 50 Islamic terrorists in the past two months, how many got away?

We’ve repeatedly covered the “sleeper cell” angle of things here.  It gets brought up again in this piece.  Watch the video.

From Wall Street Apes:

WOW  Americans Have No Idea How Bad Things Really Are

Denver Police At Airport Off The Record “The media will not tell you this. — We’ve arrested, the Denver Police in Denver has arrested over 50 Al Qaeda members in the last 2 months”

“So I just had a conversation with a Denver police officer at the airport, and we were talking about the crime that’s going on, not only in Denver, but our country. And he says, the media will not tell you this. I’m not even supposed to talk about this, but I don’t care anymore. We’ve arrested.

The Denver police in Denver has arrested over 50 Al Qaeda members in the last 2 months. 50.

Okay. So with that said, we started talking about everything else. And And we started talking about where the budget’s going and how they don’t have enough police cars. They’re gonna be putting them on foot. We started talking about all the migrants that have coming over the border and how they’re cutting the police budget in all major cities, including Denver. And then we started talking about how their sleeper cells all over Colorado. He’s talking about South Americans.

He’s talking about people from Central America. He’s talking about people from China. He’s talking about people from, um, the Middle East all over, and he says, the police know this, the state police and the local police, and they’re not allowed to do a damn thing about it. So y’all, here’s my question for you, especially for those of you that are left leaning. Do you still think that it’s okay to have open ****** borders?”


7 thoughts on “HAMAS/HEZBOLLAH: Denver PD reportedly arrested 50 terrorists in past two months”
    1. If Colorado has “no-cash bail” like ILL-Annoy, surprise, surprise, surprise, (not really), the terrorists have a “court date” set then released.
      What should have happened is to send them to “Gitmo”? or has O’Bribe’im dismantled the terrorist “holding station”, nothing is ever brought up about Gitmo any more, wonder why? Wasn’t Oblah-ma going to eliminate it?

  1. It’s going to be glorious!

    We won’t even see it coming and we won’t see it coming because our government has abandoned us to the wolves. But those of us who have been prepared for the collapse will know what to do and when to do it.

    Are you ready?

    1. I’ve been waiting for a Real-World “Day of Wrath,” as writ by William Forstchen. The man is prescient. It would be so easy. So unstoppably easy. They hate us. They want us dead. They are here. They have the means. WHy are they waiting?

      And who, besides me and Forstchen, will say “I told you so,” when the bodies are cold and counted? Or will “those in control” foul it up like they did the aftermath of “Sandy Hoax,” with crisis actors and fake FBI guys wandering around carrying multiple long guns, and people going in and out of buildings in a cycle, and Christmas trees pre-packaged and placed to have a fundraiser at the “right” moment, and crying on command, and greenscreens, and, etc…….. And BUILDING 7 fell down by itself. And Epstein didn’t kill himself.

      You see? AFter all of this, even we crazies start sounding sane.

  2. Congress needs to pass this new border bill, this will fix it.
    When the cells go active, Americans killed by the hundreds in grocery stores, schools, churches we will see how diverse, equitable, and inclusive you are…..
    Sic Semper Tyrannus.

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