Last fall, Guns Save Life partnered with Land of Lincoln Honor Flight to send dozens of Vietnam-era and older veterans to Washington DC as part of the Honor Flight program.
We had a GREAT time!

Land of Lincoln Honor Flight  will send another group of GSL referred vets this summer on a flight to Washington out of Springfield.  These eligible veterans don’t have to be members of GSL, or a family member of a member.   We welcome all to fly with our family.  So if you know any Vietnam-era or older veterans, urge them to apply.  Applications are available at Land of Lincoln Honor Flight’s website (VETERAN Application  GUARDIAN application).  (Indicate “GSL” at the top of the app…)

Honor Flights honor and thank the American veterans who helped secure our freedom by bringing them to the nation’s capital to see the memorials that commemorate their service.  Honor Flight does this at no charge to the veterans.  They paid for the flight by signing on the dotted line years ago to serve our nation.

I flew with our group last year as a guardian for a pair of outstanding vets and can attest it’s a powerful, emotional experience building priceless memories.  It’s one thing to read about these memorials.  It’s another to experience them in person.

Twist some arms if you have to.  Encourage eligible vets to take the trip, especially if they’re in good health so they can enjoy it even more.  And those with disabilities?  Honor Flight has no shortage of experience accommodating those with disabilities or medical issues.  Trust me, they’ll be glad they went and grateful you talked them into going.

We’re also looking for guardians.   Guardians (age 18-70) have to pay their own airfare (about $550) but the priceless memories will live with you forever as you serve as the personal escort for one, or possibly two veterans.  Yes, it’s work, but it comes with great honor.  It’s also a great way for grandkids to bond with grandparents who served.

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  1. My dad went last year (not with the GSL group but out of Chicago). Great experience. Wish I had taken him. Sadly I was out of the country when it happened.

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