The beartrap opened up by the Illinois State Police by leaving the gun ban registry open after the December 31st deadline is snaring about twenty people a day on average.  Many of those folks, if they have two or more firearms, are admitting under penalty of perjury that they are committing a felony.  Possession of even a single accessory like a flash suppressor, pistol grip or a collapsible stock is a felony, yet these people register.

There’s even language there in the process where registrants acknowledge they’re registering items of their own free will!

So why do Land of Lincoln gun owners continue to register guns they’re illegally holding?

That’s a good question.

Some have speculated it might be because they are taking ISP at their word that they (ISP) are not going to charge people who register after January 1st.  My response to that is, “When was the last time you heard of the State Police turning a blind eye to a criminal felony?”

Bueller?  Bueller?

While it’s true they aren’t going to charge anyone, that’s not their job.  Their job is to make arrests and submit reports to prosecutors who make charging decisions.  In the meantime, if you’re arrested, you get to spend perfectly good money hiring an attorney.

Why else might they register?  They are just so dedicated to remaining law-abiding in their personal life that their conscience won’t allow them to disobey an obviously unconstitutional measure.

Here are the numbers from ISP:

January 1, 2024 – January 31, 2024

Number of Individuals Completing an Affidavit: 6,262
Total Affidavits: 19,361
Firearms Affidavits: 11,802
Accessory Affidavits: 7,459
Ammunition Affidavits: 100

William Kirk, of Washington Gun Law, has made a big deal about the total number of FOID holders not changing for many, many months now.  He contends that the new FOID holders skew the compliance rate even lower.

I’d submit an even more significant hypothesis:  That people registered guns that were not regulated.  A lot of people (and I still run into them five weeks into the new year) that think anything that takes a magazine over 10 rounds for rifles and 15 for handguns must be registered.

Then when I tell them their Glock 17 isn’t a banned gun, they’re suspicious of what I’m telling them.

No doubt plenty of folks registered guns that this defective law did not regulate.


7 thoughts on “WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING? 6262 Illinois gun owners register guns (illegally) after January 1.”
  1. Don’t be a dumbass. Don’t register.
    If you feel that terrible, it’ll be cheaper in the long run just to surrender it to your local PD. I’m sure one of them will give it a good home.

  2. As long as the fish keep swimming into the net there will be no arrests and everyone will get even more complacent and more will jump in. The day the new registrations run dry that’s when the fun will start. It’s the self loading box car.

  3. Weak sheeople. Stupid is as, well, no, stupid is stupid. Most of our fellow Americans are just that, fucking weak and stupid.

  4. Too many people fall victim to the thing known as “appeal to authority.” They trust police, they trust doctors, they trust institutions. All it takes is a badge or a white coat and these sheep turn their own brains off (what brains they have) and surrender themselves to the ones they think knows better. They are the ones wearing a mask alone in the car, they are the ones registering their scary guns (at all) or after the deadline. Registering AFTER the deadline alone is the glaring glue that the ISP is not operating in good faith. The statute said December 31, 2023………….not afterwards. That’s just one instance where the rouge agency is operating outside the parameters the General Assembly gave them and thus illegally. Far too many people in the 2A world are still falling prey to the “back the blue” cult which is a weapon against citizens. If you don’t understand what a weapon it is, you’re infected!

  5. Watch Europa: The Last Battle on Bitchute Explains how we got where we are today.
    Gun control has always been the action of corrupt governments, followed by genocide.
    BTW: The Diary of Anne Frank has been proven a fraud. As for her death, she died from typhus.

    EVERYTHING taught in school is a lie…

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