Things are getting spicy in Texas.

And just in case YouTube pulls down the video…

17 thoughts on “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: ‘We are Prepared for Conflict with Federal Authorities’”
  1. Texas is the BEACHHEAD.



    * Hmmm, wonder what the HECK Abbott is doing in India? Buying nukes? Would that not be the COOLEST THING EVER!?

    1. You are an idiot, “ken”, to think that any fool would want to detonate nuclear munitions on America’s southern border, or on Mexico, and have the radioactive “fallout” spreading with the prevailing winds to the east, north east states of America, is a pathetic imbecilic moron! COOLEST THING EVER!???
      GO AWAY, “ken”, YOU IDIOT!

    2. You just keep showcasing your own ignorance, dad!

      You obviously know nothing about nukes. Using low-yield bombs would result in NO fallout danger to any other region. They’re called “tactical” nukes, because their impact is limited to the immediate battlefield.

      For you who know better, yes, this is greatly DUMBED DOWN for the cranky ol’ idiot coot who just despises and ridicules anything and everything I say.

      I think tactical nukes in Gov. Abbott’s hands would be a MARVELOUS thing!

    3. You did not specify “tactical” nukes, A$$hole, and from your narcissistic “personality”, logical thought would determine you refer to nukes aka: nuclear weapons, and you are soooo demented, you are exactly the “type” to call for devastation of a complete region of the US. I DO despise and ridicule your posts because of your narcissism, EVERYTHING is “ALL ABOUT YOU” “ken”, but ONLY YOU care anything about your posts, …. until you post as someone else “praising” (“ken”) yourself! You really are a pathetic narcissistic LOSER!

  2. I am sure the Texas Air National Guard has a few F-16’s. Fuck you Joe Blow Job Biden you tyrant ass-clown Kenyan Clown/Klaus Schwab dick sucking piece of shit.

    1. C’mon, Jeff, let us know how you really feel about the brain-dead pResidential puppet aka: Joe Bribe’im, don’t hold back, (my sentiments exactly). Just sayin’

    1. Biden is a put in place puppet controlled by Chi Coms and traitor filth like Obama. Biden isn’t President because he never won an election. Biden is a drooling imbecile shitting in a diaper, not a President.

  3. Let loose the dogs of war. No longer will Texas be a gateway for the planned invasion. Time for the uncivil war to begin. Or has it already?

    1. The “un-civil” war against America began with Obla-ma and his rhetoric of the voters who “cling to their bibles and firearms” and his deprecation of law enforcement, continued with Hitlery’s “deplorables” then the entrenched Marx-leaning “leaders” that weaponized the alphabet agencies against Trump’s administration to keep Trump from “draining the swamp”, then came a “rigged election” that put the demented Bribe’em in office who opened up the borders and shut down domestic oil production that then enriched America’s enemies and created financial burdens on all America’s citizens.
      Pray for America! Defeat the Marxists, TRUMP 2024, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    2. Civil War began during the summer of 2020 when antifa and BLM terrorists attacked federal courthouses and police stations and attempted to burn American cities to the ground.

    1. George, I think Obla-ma was Frank Marshal Davis’ little bass-turd chile and he was an “American Marxist”, if you have seen pictures of them side by side, it is fairly obvious. Barack Hussein’s mammy was around Davis as a young adult because her parents were devout communists; I don’t know if the timeline is correct for Davis to be Obammy;’s sperm donor or not, but anyway, for what its worth, could be he was born in Kenya but his mammy could have been pregnant before going there. Just my humble opinion, Obla-ma was raised as a commie, none the less. Being born in Kenya would make him a native of Kenya. The birth certificate think was rather hinkey, for sure. He should have been aborted early on.

  4. I’ve seen better acting in the world wrestling federation. Greg Abbott is a POS. There are individuals in Texas reporting that the NG is still letting people in the border, and they are still putting them on the bus for Illinois. This has been going on for 3 years and now, conveniently, they pull this stunt right before elections. I don’t think “We the People” are ever going to prevail in this country when the people believe the propaganda they push in the main-stream media. I would have thought most y’all would have learned after C0v!d.

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