Greg Bishop of Bishop on Air covered attorney Tom DeVore’s latest lawsuit.  Bazooka Tom’s firing away again at Pritzker and the Dem’s precious gun ban law.   And his angle of attack?  Brilliant.  Using their own laws against them.

But that’s what happens when you have idiots who wrote this crap.

SPOILER:  The law


(1) Peace officers, as defined in Section 2-13 of this

What is Section 2-13?

(720 ILCS 5/2-13) (from Ch. 38, par. 2-13)
    Sec. 2-13. "Peace officer". "Peace officer" means (i) any person who by virtue of his office or public employment is vested by law with a duty to maintain public order or to make arrests for offenses, whether that duty extends to all offenses or is limited to specific offenses, or (ii) any person who, by statute, is granted and authorized to exercise powers similar to those conferred upon any peace officer employed by a law enforcement agency of this State.


And guess who has been, by statute, granted and authorized to exercise powers similar to those conferred upon a peace officer?

(725 ILCS 5/107-3) (from Ch. 38, par. 107-3)
    Sec. 107-3. Arrest by private person.
    Any person may arrest another when he has reasonable grounds to believe that an offense other than an ordinance violation is being committed.
(Source: Laws 1963, p. 2836.)

34 thoughts on “Tom DeVore 3.0: New suit to give us all a formal ‘exemption’ to IL Gun Ban”
  1. Genius! Jurisprudence perhaps wasn’t just for actual elected or appointed jurists. It’s high time we recognized the rule of law still exists. That is it has been convoluted and outright ignored. Shouldn’t stop anyone from going after our empirical overlords.

  2. Yes, they are stupid, but not so stupid that they don’t know they can just change that part of the law.
    And they’ll do that in the middle of the night as well.

  3. ARTICLE CORRECTION: This is the Illinois State Police’s gun ban not the “Pritzker and the Dem’s precious gun ban law.”

    Yours truly in fair and accurate reporting,

    1. I don’t like your anti-cop tone Travis. We have to focus blame on our political opponents, not the boots on the ground actually enforcing this. The problem you present is where if you make people aware that the police, specifically the Illinois State Police are the ones causing harm to citizens then people will start asking other questions. We already have people in the comments pointing out where police are on their phones not even paying attention to the road yet they’ll cite you for it. Not to mention where they put words in your mouth and try to use your own words against you like a telemarketer does so they can make you admit to some crime. THEN, people will start asking why it’s legal for a cop to bold-faced LIE to you in order to self-incriminate or offer evidence they would otherwise have to get a warrant for but the citizen can’t lie to the cop. THEN people will figure out that cops HATE the constitution because it favors THE PEOPLE, not them. Travis, you make us Back the Blue people look stupid and anti-citizen. Please stop it! We are in favor of the armed agents of the state screwing over the public but we don’t want people connecting the dots. Cops have a tough job to do. Please stop exposing the Republican position that the party is controlled opposition and an actual scam. Back the BADGE!

  4. A most valid point of law. However this is IL. No points for 2nd place Tom, you are in fact the first loser. This will be decided at the USSC on 2nd Amendment challenges. IL may not be the first gun ban case to get there.

    1. With law enforcement exceptions, why would it not be declared unconstitutional by the “equal protections” clause, and anyway, why would law enforcement need to be exempted? FWIW, don’t the gun grabbers want ALL “scary black firearms” registered? AND about those who would “store” “banned firearms/accessories” out of state, doesn’t the “law” declare ALL “banned firearms/etc.” be registered by ILL-Annoy FOID permission card holders that own said firearms?
      The politicians that wrote the PICA farce should be imprisoned for felony insurrection/treason for writing laws subverting our Constitution!

  5. Screw you Travis for constantly pointing out that “Back the Blue” is a weapon against the citizens. The Republican Party is controlled opposition and enablers of DemoRAT laws but people aren’t supposed to know that! The DemoRATS pass a massive gun ban and the Republicans vote against it (fooling their voters) but a few weeks later they vote 100% in favor of funding state police gun ban efforts. They didn’t expect gun owners to read (non-gun bills) and figure out how things work by connecting the dots, much less expose it for everyone to see. When Plummer said he has sympathy for the state police he actually slipped up and was honest about the Republican position – they favor agents of the government, NOT YOU. The state police are the foot soldiers for the DemoRAT gun bans but Republican voters are lead to believe that if they support the police they won’t be seen as a lefty since the lefts activists are the ones screaming defund the police and all cops are bastards. The Republican Party of controlled opposition wants its members to think they are the opposite of the DemoRATS when in fact supporting the police is DIRECTLY in line with the DemoRATS enforcement priorities. STOP EXPOSING US!!!!

    1. “Controlled opposition is more dangerous to a movement than open opposition. Open opposition inspires resistance, while controlled opposition is designed to absorb that resistance. Once controlled opposition takes control of a movement, the only hope for the cause of that movement is for real opposition to take back the movement, expose controlled opposition for what they are, or build an alternative movement.”

  6. I approve of Mr. DeVore’s latest move. In my opinion, you shouldn’t need the courts in this. The meaning is clear. If they didn’t want others similarly situated, they should have been clearer.

    By the way I don’t care for the cops bashing here either.

    1. Unfortunately the courts will always be involved. It is better up front when YOUR money is not spent presenting this defense at YOUR criminal trial. In context Shakespeare was prescient. I believe it will be a loser in the state courts.

  7. I don’t like some the things cops do too. But I do not want to live in a world where there are no cops at all. That is anarchy.
    As a client of Tom’s I think he is on to something huge. Agree the criminals in SPI will just change the law, but that may not work. Obviously, the dems are going to legislate in the middle of the night till hell freezes and stall, stall, stall until they can nominate a new SCOTUS.
    The Ninth Circuit in the MIller v Bonta Assault Weapons case are going to stall indefinitely. I do not know if SCOTUS can intervene or not. One side is not following the rules and the other side is following them to a fault. Remember SCOTUS cannot physically protect itself, let alone physically enforce its rulings.

    1. I’m with you, Menard, the very reason I get “SPOOFED” by “ken” aka: “GLS 1589”, “G$L 1589”, ; when I changed to “THE REAL GSL 1589!” the damned BASS-turd copied my change, what can be done to counter scum bass-turds like that A$$hole? That style of “spoofing” has “ken’s” fingerprints all over it, he did it many moons ago and John “banned” him from posting because of it, when he started posting again, it started all over again.

    2. The Miller plaintiffs are going to petition the U.S. Supreme Court for a writ of mandamus or superintending control to compel the 9th to act. THe court has just said that 2nd Amendment rights are not subordinate rights. They would never tolerate a court SITTING on FIRST AMENDMENT cases. THe USSCT will probably grant a writ of some nature, or enter an order saying, “act by xx/xx/xx or it becomes constitutional carry.”

      GSL1589, there you go again! (Think Reagan’s debate with Carter : )

      You’re just lying. I’m not spoofing your idiot name, someone else is. Someone with bitter sharp wit, and who obviously doesn’t care for your B.S. And your other lie is that I got “banhammered” for “spoofing” anyone. I got banhammered because I called you lil circle-jerkers for your mindless, blind support for ALL COPS. That’s why I’m rubbing it in Johnboch’s face now every time he posts something negative about cops. Four years ago he was DEFENDING THEM, kneejerk.

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  8. GSL 1589 – I am not ken or anyone else. I simply have a similar name to you but share your views on police and law enforcement. It appears that you are uncomfortable with the fact that I am more blunt and outspoken with the “BACK THE BLUE” views that you also share. When cops drive down the interstate at 90mph with their eyes planted in their phones as they also do in school zones and we all see it I think they should get away with it because they are the armed foot soldiers of the Democrat party and in IL, the honorable Governor JB Pritzker. The second you peon sheep do that YOU will get a ticket!! Know your place you lowly pleb! I will correct you on Independents that you call indepen ANTS. You like to claim they don’t have representation in the General Assembly. True, since you are new to voting let me explain it. An Independent is a person WITHOUT a party affiliation and thus not a party, duh. When you vote democrat, republican, libertarian, green, etc. you give up your own views to conform to a pre-determined set of values and policy positions and then become a cog in their wheel. You bow to them. An Independent however is the other way around. The INDIVIDUAL, key word, has their own views whatever they are and if the candidate running for office wants that INDIVIDUAL’s vote the candidate has to conform to THEM. See how that works now? If you belong to a political party you are a volunteer slave.

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  9. GSL 1589, your comment: “you post back the blue then degrade them.” The fact you say that and are so oblivious is why you’re getting mocked. If you can’t figure out that “backing the blue” is supporting police misconduct and how they work a scam on the public which by nature, is all of them. Then anyone pointing out that belonging to a political party is volunteer slavery is degrading them is also funny. Belonging to a political party is slavery, NOT pointing it out. Calling out “back the blue” for what it is doesn’t degrade the police, they degrade themselves. This is why ken or whomever you think it is mocks you. You can’t smell your own breath but it’s obvious to anyone else.

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      Pray for America! Fight these fascists and the Marxists trying to control other’s thoughts and freedoms!

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  10. Impressive piece of legal legwork by Tom Devore here. It’s a very clever interpretation of the poorly written PICA law, and may even be a valid avenue of attack.
    Given the events of the last year in Illinois, I can’t help but to think this won’t go anywhere. Not because it isn’t valid, but because the fix is in here. Our courts are hopelessly corrupt from top to bottom, with very few exceptions. I just cannot force myself to get excited about this latest revelation no matter how promising it may seem, because I am tired of having the football pulled away at the last second. Every single time we make a move, a countermove is deployed. Usually they don’t even follow any legal course of action, but we lose anyway. It isn’t just Illinois, of course (look at the railroad job Trump just got in NYC court, for example) but we seem to be the epicenter of judicial corruption in America. Things just ‘happen’ here.
    Despite all this, good luck to Mr. Devore. You are attempting to do good work on our behalf. It isn’t your fault that you are up against a stacked deck full of Jokers.

    1. My sentiments as well, LibsRCancer, PICA targets only law-abiding citizens, therefore it will do nothing to make communities safer, and criminals are not held accountable for their crimes so they will not change their ways until they are killed.

  11. First, the DeVore filing is worth a try.
    Second, citizens that have one of these 2A haters representing them, in any office, need to find / become / support a / the candidate to replace them. No it’s not easy or everyone would do it. IL has been legislated to make it extremely difficult / impossible to allow a third party or any of its candidates. Your bills would never see the light of day, just as the (R’s) currently experience.
    Third, there are more LEOs that are pro-2A than you are aware of. Realize it or not, they also have to try to make the rest of their work day fit appropriately into the remainder of the U.S. and IL Constitutions, sometimes rather quickly. Est aequilibritati.

    1. Kevin, Tell that to Travis, G$L, the GrfterScumLier, and “ken” they are the ones preaching ACAB and denigrating/spoofing/scamming me for actually having a different ideology than their fascist, narcissistic ideology.
      They cannot abide/tolerate other different points of views.

  12. We need to: a) foster new younger and smarter supporters in all demographics; and b) maintain and not alienate the ones we have. The lib/anti’s are counting on the conservatives dying off, at a faster rate of attrition due to age, in essence leaving them to become a super-majority nationwide, just like in IL. Time is short. We really need to focus our time, attention and $$$ where it will do the most good. The lib/anti’s are counting on a feeble, non-cohesive response from us.

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