Chicago cops got a big win in recent days, as reported by Second City Cop.  It sets up the FOP police union, headed by the “take no prisoners” President John Catanzara (pictured above), for some nice civil court judgements (or pre-trial settlements) with Murder City USA in the near future too.

The ruling allows cops threatened with lengthy suspensions or termination to appeal directly to arbitration and skip the anti-police “police board” comprised of anti-police appointees of cop-hating Mayor Brandon Johnson.

Johnson wanted the city council to nix that ruling and fight it in court, but didn’t have the super-majority of council members to make that happen.  Frankly, that’s a surprise, but attitudes are changing in Murder City USA mostly thanks to the influx of illegal alien invaders and to a lesser degree the persistent high crime.

Conehead in full retreat:

    • Mayor Brandon Johnson dodged what might have been an embarrassing defeat by opting Wednesday not to ask his City Council allies to reaffirm their symbolic commitment to police reform and accountability. At issue was an arbitrator’s ruling allowing police officers recommended for firings or suspensions over one year to bypass the Police Board and take their cases to arbitration.The Council voted 33-16 in December to reject that ruling, and arbitrator Edwin Benn on Jan. 4 decision reaffirmed it. That sent the matter back to the Council for a second vote, but the Police Committee never held a meeting on it.Johnson wanted the Council to reject that ruling again. His allies filed notice of their intention to seek that vote with the city clerk’s office. The city’s longtime labor negotiator Jim Franczek even told a Circuit Court judge hearing a lawsuit already filed by the Fraternal Order of Police that the second vote would be held at Wednesday’s City Council meeting.But Johnson had a problem. He needed two-thirds of the Council — 34 members — to vote to immediately consider the matter because it had not been before a committee.

The FOP president made sure that Conehead’s next trip to the hospital is right around the corner:

    • “He knew there were defectors out of the first group and he didn’t want to risk it … so he pulled a parliamentary move and lied to the judge,” Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara told the Sun-Times. “He’s a coward,” Catanzara said of Johnson. “You had your attorney tell the judge you’re calling the vote. Call the vote. But he didn’t do it.”Another court hearing is next week, and “I would hope the judge issues a temporary restraining order on all Police Board cases and a summary judgment right on the spot,” Catanzara said.The fiery FOP president advised city officials to “get your checkbooks ready.” “We’re gonna sue the s–t out of ’em civilly for damages for not allowing due process for these members since 2019. That’s a lot of officers. That’s a lot of money,” the FOP president said.

Keep the pressure on, because a win here is going to be very important after all of the CRs that will be filed during the DNC in August.

More significantly, it spells really bad news for Mayor “Let’s Go Brandon” Johnson and his fragile little ego.  See, if Brandon doesn’t get his way as the new mayor, he gets anxiety attacks that he thinks are really, really bad.  Bad enough he checks himself into a hospital.  Maybe he should check himself into the mental ward for some treatment on dealing with stress, something the little people have to do without going to the hospital every time things don’t go their way.  But if he did that he would become a prohibited person and couldn’t own firearms.  Who knows.  He might already be a prohibited person.

I’ve saved the best for last though!  The ruling spells extra bad news for Antifa and Black Lives Matter who will no doubt be out in force later this summer to raise hell and cause disruptions at the Democratic National Convention to take place in Chicago.

Police who follow use-of-force guidelines will be able to defend themselves against rowdy and rabid Antifa and BLM demonstrators intent on rioting and looting.  Sure, the cops won’t be nearly as proactive or aggressive as in the 1968 fiasco that was the DNC (ah, the application of hickory shampoo was glorious), but they won’t be hamstrung from even defending themselves for fear of career-ending complaints and arbitrary “hate the police” disciplinary rulings from the so-called “Police Board.”

Law-and-order, or at least what sort of passes for law-and-order in the deep blue hellhole known as Chicago, wins today.  What tomorrow brings is anyone’s guess.

10 thoughts on “Chicago Police Officers get win, Brandon Johnson, Antifa & ‘Black Lives Matter’ take an even bigger loss”
  1. I remember 1968. Mayor Daley ordered “Shoot to kill” to the Chicago PD. Never knew if that was true. Bull Connor was using fire hoses on protestors in Alabama shortly before this.

    Mayor Brandon needs to resign for his own health, and that of the good people in Chicago.

  2. The Citizen Review Board was set up under Groot in Chicago to put cops in the trick bag for the most minor of offenses. It is little more than a kangaroo court run by hardcore leftists and community activist types that are mostly members of the Defund the Police movement. Catanzara fought Groot tooth and nail over her(?) efforts to demoralize and humiliate CPD wherever possible.
    Based mostly upon the past comments from CPD officers that post on SCC, they have zero intention of enforcing PICA even if ordered to. Most want nothing to do with it. I suspect that the large majority of CPD are Trumpers and loathe Putzker and Bidumb worse than jock itch and rug burn combined. The real threat up there is Tom Dart, the ass-kissing communist sheriff for Crook County, who spends taxpayer money catering meals for convicts in jail, and has had more escapes on his watch than Houdini ever attempted. Dart never met a fellow Bolshie he couldn’t fellate to the beard. It is his super power.

    1. What about Preckwinkle? Isn’t she the “brains” behind BJ, Dart, Foxx and the dipshit judge that runs Cook County Courts?

  3. GREAT! SO this is a COP-ENRICHMENT SCHEME by a COP UNION at the EXPENSE of the city’s taxpayers. Who thinks this is a good thing?

    The cops are the BAD GUYS, remember? Where’s my boy GLS1598????????????

    This is just a BRIBERY SCHEME in the making.

    And shame on you for seeing it as anything other than it truly is, a wealth-transfer scheme. As if chitcago taxes ain’t high enough already!

    1. You really are demented, aren’t you “ken”, YOU ARE GLS 1589 dimwitt, “your boy” my asset, you really are PATHETIC! GO AWAY “ken”, narcissist quisling spoofing scambass-turd!

  4. Now if these “rules for thee not for me” cops would put their phones down while they’re driving. It’s dangerous for anyone else. Like Pritzker locks you down because covid is dangerous then his family vacations in FL.

  5. Constitutional le action will be honored, anything else – mofos proceed @ your own risk

  6. Not much to love about the Daley Cabal however Richard J. was correct: “…shoot to kill.”

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