Texas Governor Greg Abbott has a message for Joe Biden and the US Supreme Court:  We’re declaring an invasion.  And that declaration supersedes federal statutes and federal law enforcement agents who wish to defy or ignore federal law.

Hope you’ve got your popcorn ready, because this show is just getting good.

ZeroHedge has the story:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott just drew a hard line in the sand, putting the Biden administration on notice that he’s declared the migrant crisis an “invasion” and invoked Texas’s constitutional authority to defend and protect itself.

According to Abbott, “That authority is the supreme law of the land and supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary. The Texas National Guard, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and other Texas personnel are acting on that authority, as well as state law, to secure the Texas border.”

The situation in Texas has come to a boiling point at Eagle Pass, where the Texas National Guard have taken control of a local park which illegal immigrants use as a landing zone after crossing the Rio Grande. The state has placed razor wire along miles of the river to block entry to the US – which the Supreme Court just allowed the Biden administration to remove while a legal battle plays out in a lower court.

Biden thought he had Texas all blocked in with that SCOTUS ruling.  (By the way, did you see the headline at the Babylon Bee?  Amy Coney Barrett Says Ruling For Open Border Has Nothing To Do With Landscaping Work She Needs Done This Summer)

We hope that the Texas Department of Public Safety has upped the protective detail around Gov. Abbott as well as his Lt. Governor.  Just in case the Biden regime does something really stupid at this point.

And while I have no doubt that the vast majority of Border Patrol officers are probably gleeful that someone’s stepped in to put an end to their roles as chauffeurs for illegals, there are probably some who think following the leftist orders from on high are righteous reason enough to resist Texas state law with violence as an opportunity arises.

Go Greg Abbott.

8 thoughts on “GOD BLESS TEXAS: Texas defies ‘lawless’ Biden with more razor wire, and a declaration of ‘invasion’”
  1. Hooray for Texas, about 2 and a half years LATE, but about time the states countered the Marx-Leftists invasion of America! GOD BLESS TEXAS now lets hope they can sue the inept Bribeim administration for insurrection, treason, dereliction of duty/office and plain STUPIDITY!
    Pray for America to defeat Cloward-Piven Marxist agenda to destroy America by overwhelming the social welfare funds and bankrupting America’s taxpayers with these illegal invaders.

  2. Greg Abbott is the best governor in the United States at this time by a wide margin. He is laser focused on protecting not just his state, but the US itself with his actions to protect the border. The federal government has completely abrogated its Constitutionally mandated responsibility of border protection for DECADES, and Bidumb has created an unprecedented crisis of epic proportions. Mexico’s actions have been tantamount to an act of economic war against the United States, yet we do nothing to prevent the trafficking in drugs, guns and human chattel that is enriching many on BOTH sides of the aisle.
    Abbott has single-handedly almost guaranteed election of Trump to a second term. This is the winning issue for the Trump camp. It is where Bidumb is at his absolute weakest. Trump will hammer this home daily, and we will be the better for it when China Joe is tossed out.
    I would move to Texas in a heartbeat if I didn’t hate the climate down there so much. Abbott will be owed a huge debt of gratitude from us all, and I hope that Trump 2.0 rewards his efforts.

  3. Gov. Abbot should start a go fund me page to help pay Texas’s border enforcement efforts. I’m pretty sure they’d raise mucho dinero.

    1. Caltrops for Texas.
      Welding magnet and some 6 penny nails, don’t need a welder, J.B. Weld will work.
      Instructions can be found on utube.
      Dip the points in some dog doo to make sure they get a good infection.

  4. kneegrowbiden, suck texas dick & swallow. proceed & your own risk.

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