WirePoints has a great piece on how the Governor is spending millions on this illegal alien invasion with almost no oversight.  Ted Dabrowki appeared on “The Morning Answer” radio show with Amy and Dan.

And not only are you, the taxpayer, paying millions to house these illegal alien invaders (that frankly aren’t their home countries’ best residents to put it nicely…  or criminally-inclined people who committed still more felonies sneaking into America illegally).

Governor Pritzker is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on the migrant crisis with no accountability – Wirepoints on AM 560 Chicago’s Morning Answer


Don’t want to watch the radio show for fifteen minutes?

Second City Cop has the details in writing that you can read in about two minutes…  Bottom line, the City of Chicago is paying super-premium lease fees for industrial buildings that have sat vacant for years.  How super-premium?  Even the best commercial property is going for $53/sq foot.  Industrial space is $10ish?  Abandoned industrial space?  Next to nothing, unless you’re politically connected and then the city will pay $60/ft.

Hey Media? Follow this Money

So a reader did a bit of research….something usually done by “investigative” reporters….which are in short supply nowadays. Who owns the properties currently being used to house thousands of illegals and who are being paid with taxpayer funds totaling many millions of dollars? Here are three “shelters:”

    • 344 N Ogden is 106,400 sqf- annual leasing price is $6,360,000
    • 1308 N Elston is 84,120 sqft- annual leasing price is $5,047,200
    • 2341 S Halsted is 86,000 sqft- annual lease is $5,160,000

Just for reference, industrial space in Chicago averages around $10 per square foot. One of the nicer office buildings in Chicago (Chicago River Point) goes for $53 per square foot. These buildings – all zoned industrial and all that sat empty the past five-to-seven years – are being leased to the city for $60 per square foot. Oh, and the Elston address may have recently in arrears for nearly $200K in property taxes.

And who owns these buildings? Some guy named Scott Goodman or a series of LLC’s run by or in conjunction with Goodman. Where it gets interesting is when you go to OpenSecrets.org and run Goodman’s name through the donor lists. Quite the “progressive” agenda being funded by this single individual whose companies are getting millions in taxpayer funds.

Legal? Probably….after all, lawyers write these grants / bills / laws and lobby for passage through the legislative process.

Ethical? Who are we to judge?

Hinkey as Hell and worthy of a deep dive by investigative reporters, who are supposed to be keeping a spotlight on taxpayer funds and a closer eye on the politicians spending that money? Yep.

But don’t hold your breath.

Ted Dabrowski offered some additional information out there.

Including that Brandon Johnson is competent in his incompetence.  Where Pritzker’s incompetence at leadership looks competent compared to Let’s Go Brandon.

Dabrowski says he’s got FOIA inquiries coming back investigating where over a billion dollars in grants to various groups.  Something that the mainstream media doesn’t want to do.

At the same time Pritzker is wanting an $87m funding cut for Americans in Illinois for social service providers that help people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  In other words, take from the handicapped Americans to pay for illegal alien invaders.  Sure it’s chump change, but still.

“It’s a cluster,” Ted said.  Check out 12:45… Dan Proft lights up the preening pols in Springfield.  “They cannot be held in low enough repute…  [These politicians are] So despicable it is difficult to put into words…”


6 thoughts on “Pritzker, Chicago Mayor Johnson spending millions on illegal alien invaders with almost no oversight… wait until you see what they’re paying for shelters”
  1. Maybe “pointy-head” is having anxiety attacks because he is not getting a pile of kick-backs from his “higher-ups” in the Pricksters office. Just sayin’. Your tax dollars at work.
    Pray for America!

  2. Their philosophy, “there’s a sucker born every minute.” When will the suckers figure out they’re talking about them?

  3. The braindead zombies just keep clopping to the voting booth and choosing DUMMYCRAT. This is what you get !!!!! JB the Shit Stain knows this fiasco isn’t going to help his possible run for President one day. Behold what Marxist filth does when in charge.

  4. How do these People come up with these schemes? I am 2 1/2 hours from Chiraq, and hope I never have another need to go there. It gets more crooked by the day. My business has completely ceased in that S…Hole, so who will help this American Vet regain some business they have taken away from me. Illegal Migrants will never be allowed to come out here to where I live. PERIOD. PRITZKER SUCKS CROOKED…….

    1. Haven’t been to Chiraq since the 90s, and I will never set foot in that dump again, ever. I wouldn’t travel there without an M2 Bradley IFV at minimum, with the 25mm chain gun fully stocked and several TOWs at the ready.

  5. The fix is in, the pols and their buddies get richer as working people get mugged. what else is new. No solution anymore but dissolution and rendering.

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