Alexander Soros, the son of evil personified George Soros, is feeling his oats.  He might move within certain circles like a great leader among the smug elites, but tweeting out a subtle threat on Donald Trump’s life is not going over well.  The elites are not handling Trump’s ascent very well.  They’re in a panic.  Everything they’ve tried to take him out has failed.  Really, they have only one real option left.  Assassination.

Alex Soros better have a really good security team.  I can assure you if he makes an attempt on Trump’s life, plenty of people with unique talents will make it their life’s mission to end the Soros blood line, starting with Alex.  No, I don’t mean a rifleman dropping lil’ Alex as he’s sipping some $10,000 bottle of crap champagne.  I mean his jet will have an sudden uncontrolled (or maybe controlled) flight into terrain.  Or his car will have an incident.  Or his body will have a bad reaction to a drug.  Maybe that fancy piece of Wagu beef will have some poison on it.  You get the idea.

Making threats like this won’t lead to Alex living a long and prosperous life, I don’t care how much he pays someone to make a hit on Trump.

Here’s the tweet that started this hole ball of wax rolling, published after Ron DeSantis bowed out as the Uniparty’s last, best hope to push Trump out of the race.  The elites know that Nikki Haley doesn’t have support, not the sort of support that would cause the MAGA electorate to get behind her.

So again, that leaves one last hope for the elites…  The same thing they did to John F. Kennedy.  And they’re not even subtle about it.

Bullet hole + $47?  Should Donald Trump win this fall’s presidential race, he will be the 47th president.

And just in case he deletes the tweet, here’s a screen capture.

Crime and inflation crises have largely evaporated?  Clearly this guy doesn’t go to the grocery store himself.  And crime?  His daddy’s prosecutors have single-handedly brought violent crime to entirely new levels in major American cities.

9 thoughts on “SUBTLE THREATS: Alex Soros tweets out threat on Trump’s life; Alex better have top-notch security detail…”
  1. It’s a shame that the people that stukach Soros fed to the Nazis to save his own worthless hide at a young age didn’t get their hands on him before he managed to breed. I can’t think of a bigger piece of shit that deserves to be erased from the collective consciousness of humanity than that evil wretch. That his progeny has chosen the same path tells you all you need to know about his particular gene pool. It should have went down the sewer out to sea a long time ago.

  2. The US Supreme Court just allowed the Biden admin to cut the razor wire at the border to let illegals in. Look it up. So does any 2A person honestly believe when SCOTUS refuses to block our gun ban or other ATF actions and similar gun control it’s because of some procedural move or letting it play out in the lower courts first? OR can we finally accept that 2 + 2 = 4 whether the globalists like it or not and believe our own eyes that we are experiencing a hostile takeover of our country right before our eyes, SCOTUS knows this and APPROVES of it. Meanwhile here at home we have “pro-gun” republicans empowering the ISP who is in charge of ruining the lives of Illinoisans. If you want to live in denial go ahead. I’ve been saying for up to a YEAR that NO ONE is here for us and the entire system including the IL GOP is rigged against us. WE will see how much longer I am going to talk to a wall about this. Wake up people!!!!!

    1. For some of us, we are in absolute agreement. The globalist agenda is quite clear, and our nation is run by a nest of traitors to American sovereignty. This dates all the way back to at least Bush 41 on ‘our’ side of the aisle, who famously let the cat out of the bag praising the New World Order all the way back in the late 1980s. This effort went to full throttle under Obozo, who poured gasoline on the fire and divided the nation against each other as effectively as slavery during the Antebellum period of the late 1850s. Trump momentarily put the brakes on this for four years by derailing Kankles, but all the stops were pulled to ensure he would be replaced by any means necessary in 2020. Bidumb is nothing but a perfect dupe, a non-entity so stupid and vacant that you can almost see the puppet strings attached to his drooling mouth. Opinions differ upon who actually runs Pudding Pants, but he clearly does not have the mental acuity to keep from shitting himself most days. I personally think that Obama is only his direct handler, and we will never know who runs Obama and his little group from the shadows. Its the same ones that ran Obama 1.0 and 2.0 for eight years, however. Call it the swamp, the deep-state, or the globalist cabal, it is deep and pervasive through our entire government and society. Stikki Haley is just the latest hedge against Bidumb being unable to cheat his way into another term of office, since COVID 2.0 isn’t gaining much traction this time. She’s a war-mongering neocon trying to dress up as a conservative. Most, post-Trump, seem to have seen through her, and she isn’t going anywhere at all.
      People may hate Trump’s brashness, his cockiness, and his complete lack of social graces, but they largely recognize him to be a street brawler. I personally worry about his age at this point, though he is still sharp as far as I can tell. It is imperative that his VP choice be of the same mindset and drive. I don’t know who that person should be, frankly, but it must be someone who lives MAGA just as Trump does. We cannot risk another sellout. It will likely need to be someone the RNC despises or, like Reagan, he will end up crippled by a globalist shill who will undercut him at every turn, and even help to get rid of him. If he is elected to be POTUS again, I also fully expect another Paul Ryan to emerge and sell out the America First agenda once again in Congress. He is only one man, and can only do so much without allies. Most Republicans in Congress are also neocon trash, and are little better than the most hardcore leftist. The only place they differ is where they stick the knife into you from.
      With regards to the courts, even if we get the complete ruling we expect under Bruen and PICA gets tossed out in its entirety, it makes no difference to the Marxist cabal. They will simply ignore the ruling (see Bidumb’s latest student loan vote purchase), rebrand it, and continue on shredding the Constitution. There are genuinely good judges on our side, and on the side of America, but they are few and far between anymore. Even at a supposed 6-3 majority on SCOTUS, there are at least two of those six that I wouldn’t bet my life on them ruling correctly, even though Bruen was their own construct. If they do rule in our favor, it will likely be years, and the damage has already been done.

    2. LibsRCancer,
      For Trump’s V P, I wouldn’t mind seeing Kari Lake, she has been thwarted much like Trump and seems to be a street brawler, very much MAGA, and Tulsi Gabbard has denounced the RATS, I think she would give the Marxists heartburn, she is very much a patriot, retired military, would like to see her in Trump’s cabinet, DOD secretary maybe? Would love to see Ted Cruz in cabinet but he is valuable in Senate, I voted for him in primary 2016 for pres., he is attorney and constitutionalist, would be GREAT on SCOTUS.
      Trump has probably been talking to people he has in mind for V P, will probably be revealed when “wats-er-name” drops her bid to pres.
      Pray for America!

    3. GSL,
      I also am a fan of either Kari Lake or Tulsi Gabbard. I have often thought that Tulsi on the ticket would be an absolute blockbuster move, and the kind of move only someone like Trump would have the guts to pull off. I think she is a true patriot, and she was run out of town on a rail because she spotted the deep state very early, and wouldn’t play their game. She is smart, quick-witted, and formidable in debate.
      I freely admit that picking a Hawaii Democrat is a BIG gamble and normally I would just as soon have root canal daily than pull the lever for any Democrat. That being said, with the kind of squishes that the RNC is dumping on our doorstep (Kristy Kreme, Heels Up Haley, etc.), looking inside isn’t a smart play anymore. I’d want to know a lot more about her to be sure.
      Another wild card is Vivek – not sure what to make of him exactly. I don’t think he’s ready for the big show, but he gives a lot of the left a giant case of butthurt. The RINOs don’t like him either, which is points in his favor. He might make an interesting press secretary for Trump.
      No way Trump picks DeSantis for anything. He blew it big time by first saying he wouldn’t run against Trump, and then doing it anyway. Even worse than that is that he has all the charisma of an impacted wisdom tooth. I have never seen a worse campaign run by a Republican, and I am counting Juan McStain in that. He was awful on steroids on the campaign trail. I think he probably blew his shot in 28 as well, so Trump will have to pick with an eye on that, too.
      Nookie Haley is finished after NH tomorrow, though she may linger on until Trump buries her in her own state. She might have one time thought like a conservative, but sold out early on and never looked back. She knuckled under to the Confederate statue cancel mob, for openers, and takes more money from leftists than her own party. When Kristie Kreme exploded, she was leftist insurance card #2 against Trump. The problem is, she sucks on the debate stage, and is as thin-skinned. Vivek took her apart in the debates, and the revelations that she can’t keep her panties up while playing the faithful military wife finished her.

  3. Following up on LRC’s well-written comment (REALLY NICE JOB, by the way):
    ” there are at least two of those six that I wouldn’t bet my life on them ruling correctly, even though Bruen was their own construct.”
    I would say that two of those who I would be my life would rule correctly will probably not live another ten years. That troubles me most.
    If we lost the US Supreme Court, the American Revolution 2.0 is all but a sure thing. It will be bloody and ugly. But should freedom and liberty win, it’ll be a stronger nation for another couple of hundred years hopefully.

    1. Thank you ISU. I am with you on this assessment. I am most worried about Clarence Thomas. The man is a giant on SCOTUS, but he is getting very old and I would not be surprised to see him retire should Trump win almost immediately. The years have taken their toll on him, as they do us all, and I have to believe he would like to enjoy some down time. He is our biggest patriot on the court in my opinion.
      Should Bribem somehow prevail, or they pull a bait and switch for someone even more odious, Thomas would have to stay another four years. Assuming of course we still HAVE a country at that point.

  4. You may not like it, but you don’t like it because of the outcome, not because your opinion is based on the law or constitution. the Constitution gives the United States government what is called plenary jurisdiction over immigration. that includes corrupt administrations who want to let in all the free labor and young men of fighting age that they can. like it or don’t.

    It is the federal government’s authority.

    Part of a society governed by what is called the rule of law includes abiding laws that you don’t like if you are a law abiding man. It was nice to see Texas protecting the border. But the bottom line is it is federal jurisdiction.

    this is not the first time this has happened. Texas got shot down a dozen years ago or so. also. the solution lies in Texas’s
    Reserved authority to itself to secede from the Union and I would love to see Abbott do so. That is correct. When Texas joined the unions of states. It reserved to itself the right to withdraw its submission to the federal government authority if it wanted to do so. Now is a good time.

    Do it, texas!

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