Front Office Sports reported that everyone at Sports Illustrated was getting terminated.  Seems the people running SI in the new social justice, “woke” fashion have doomed the dead-tree pub to extinction.

Oh noes?  Where will we ever get photos of “courageous” women in swimwear again?

Or men pretending to be women held up as covergirls.  (Proving that men can do everything better than women, including being women?)

By the way, Kim Petras was born Tim Petras.

From FOS:

The entire staff of Sports Illustrated was notified on Friday that their jobs were being eliminated.

Authentic, the licensing group that purchased Sports Illustrated for $110 million from Meredith five years ago, has terminated the agreement it holds with The Arena Group to publish SI in print and digital, according to an email obtained by Front Office Sports. That move comes three weeks after Arena missed a $2.8 million payment that breached the company’s SI licensing deal, which began in 2019.

Well bye, Felicia!

Get woke, go broke.

18 thoughts on “GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Sports Illustrated laying off *everyone*”
  1. No one wants to see chicks with dicks in a swimsuit, just as they don’t want to see the front and back belly of some size 24 lardo, either. These morons can go sell pencils in the street, since they have no clue how to market a product.

    1. Ease up a little, LibsRCancer, she (size 24?) is a pretty woman and a great personality (I hope), but like you, I have no desire to see her scantily clad, just sayin’. Especially no male genitalia with female breasts! and NOT “pretty” (only in his (abbe-normal brain)
      By Bye, SI, we’ll not miss you when you are gone.

    2. But they’re so woke! So inclusive so diverse so Rainbow Coalition. You’re right nobody wants to see that s***. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of dumbasses. Learn to code

  2. Not a “sports guy”, don’t care, but the fools that think trans-gender people are the “wave” of the future, are as mentally “broke” (or is it broken?) as the fools trying to “change genders”, the fact is the trannys are a minority within a (gay?)
    minority, of mixed up fools living a “fad” destined to go the way of “nero” shirts/ clothes. That was a one year or less fad brought on by Paul McCarthy? I think. My Mother bought me one, tried it on but never wore in public. Mom was a little weird about the “fashion” of the times (my toon, oops, teen years). If I still had that shirt it might be worth ? Who cares, it was uuuugly.
    Anyway, side-tracked, Pray for America!

  3. Looks like another tranny train has derailed. I’ll bet they all toasted their demise with a Butt Light on the way out. Too bad, so sad. Not.
    As Elaine Benes said; fake, fake, fake fake.

    1. Oh, but as Elaine found out by copping a feel “they are real and spectacular!”, funny episode, was that also the one that George had “shrinkage” from being in the pool? haha!

    2. Three different episodes. Fake, fake was when she was telling Jerry that she had faked orgasms with him.
      Real and spectacular was when Jerry was wondering if his girlfriend had real boobs.
      Shrinkage was when they all were visiting others on the coast, with the ugly baby.

  4. I feel for the poor messed up kids that are suffering from real mental illness issues that have been brainwashed that changing their gender will “fix” their mental illness.
    When the gender affirming care is complete? They still have their original mental health issues, AND a messed up physical body requiring hormones and constant physical treatment for the rest of their lives. Lives often cut short by self deletion.
    I pray I live to see the day those sick deluded butchers masquerading as medical experts are hunted down like Dr. Mengele was after WW2.

    1. I agree, The sick in the head liberal scum is one of the worst things we have in this country. They prey on young people ( and anyone ) that is having mental health issues and exploit them to push their diseased agenda. They do the same by exploiting mass murder victims to push their anti gun agenda as well. Of course once the surgery is over or the families go to grieve they are no where to be found. Anyone who tries to get involved with the sexuality of children and tries to butcher them up physically belongs at the end of a rope.

  5. These are the same scumbags they’re trying to take away our guns. Take away our guns give us obese women as something we’re supposed to lust after. Fat isn’t healthy. Fat isn’t sexy. But nobody’s out there calling to ban spoons because of fat f****

    1. I’m not scared of your “gayness” Travis, I like “switch hitting” so to say, I applaud your “manliness” for cumming “out”, big boy! oo

  6. Travis, no one cares what you do in private. You see, when us ‘straight’ so-called men say ANYTHING we want like “that’s what she said” it doesn’t automatically get equated with DemoRATS, sex and pornographically enhanced images in our heads. That’s because when other men talk graphically about chicks it doesn’t threaten our fragile masculinity. But when openly gay men who are secure with themselves come out of the woodwork it makes us ‘men’ feel insecure and question how much of a man we are. That is why we have to promptly tell gay people that we don’t care what they do in private or more directly, keep your private life private. It’s a polite way of telling them to shut up because their openness and feeling secure out in public not only with their own sexual orientation, but their sex and maleness makes us feel weak and insecure about ourselves because our sense of manhood revolves around other people’s opinions of us. Out and proud gay men crumble our thoughts of being tough. Please stop making us insecure ‘men’ feel insecure. Our insecurity with manliness is your problem to bear but don’t dare shine the light on us or call it a psychological projection because we already feel weak and vulnerable.


    2. Any A$$HOLE that posts under someone else’s “name”, such as the GRIFTERLYINGSCUM-BASS-TURD” is the MOST INSECURE SCUM-BASS-TURD around, GLS GrifterLyingScum “ken”, YOU are weak, insecure AND scum, G T H, F U very much!
      You really are a pathetic pile, “ken” GLS SCUM

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