Alec Baldwin, a volatile and rabidly anti-gun actor, can now add “indicted” to his resume list after a grand jury in Santa Fe, NM indicted him today on felony involuntary manslaughter charges.  If convicted, he will lose his ability to (legally) touch a gun for the rest of his life, and frankly, given his track record for shooting and killing people on set might be the best thing to come out of this whole sordid affair.

Back in 2021, on set of a very low-budget Western movie called “Rust,” Baldwin held the gun that killed his cinematographer (and Director of Photography if memory serves) and wounded his director.  Baldwin claims the gun “just went off.”


We’ve NEVER heard that one before, right?

What makes Baldwin look even worse was his refusal to turn over his phone in the immediate aftermath of the incident, along with his appearance on interview shows to say “I did not pull the trigger” and that he feels no guilt over the death of Halyna Hutchins.

We can say, Alec.  You are responsible for her death.  That gun didn’t hop into your hand, get pointed at Halyna and fire all by itself.

What a total tool.

The movie set on the $7m ultra-low-budget flick was a hot mess with safety violations.  These included multiple negligent discharges.

From the AP:

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — A grand jury indicted Alec Baldwin on Friday on an involuntary manslaughter charge in a 2021 fatal shooting during a rehearsal on a movie set in New Mexico, reviving a dormant case against the actor.

Special prosecutors brought the case before a grand jury in Santa Fe this week, months after receiving a new analysis of the gun that was used. They declined to answer questions after spending about a day and a half presenting their case to the grand jury.

Defense attorneys for Baldwin indicated they’ll fight the charge.

“We look forward to our day in court,” said Luke Nikas and Alex Spiro, defense attorneys for Baldwin, in an email.

Trust us, Nikas and Spiro, plenty of us Americans look forward to justice for Halyna Hutchins.


6 thoughts on “CHARGED: Grand jury indicts Alec Baldwin for felony Involuntary Manslaughter”
  1. What amazes me about this story is the overwhelming double standard being pushed by leftists. Every shooting is an indictment of the ‘gun-nuts’ that demand the right to play with their little guns, but when it comes to this puke he is immediately given a free pass because it ‘wasn’t his fault’. These liberal assclowns demonstrate their utter ignorance of guns and gun safety with every single post. They think because he was handed the gun by some dumbass ‘armorer’ that he can just assume the gun wasn’t loaded with live ammo. After all, he’s an ACTOR! Don’t you know what that means?

    Sorry, princess. The most fundamental rule of gun safety is that every gun is treated as it is loaded and ready to fire at all times – even if you ‘know’ it isn’t. When you take possession of a gun, you MUST first check to make certain the gun is safe. Rule #2 is never point the gun at anything you do not wish to destroy. Period. Absolutely inviolable. Make one such mistake on a range, and you will be booted out on the spot. But, actors are exempt it would seem.

    The fact is that this hypocritical piece of shit will never serve a day. We all know there are two tiers of justice in America, and he is in Club Immunity. I give credit to the prosecutor for absolutely doing the right thing here, but it won’t matter in the end. Smart Ass Alec will go home to his brood of halfwits and his phony wife, and Haley Hutchins will be just as dead.

  2. The actor Alec Baldwin was handed a firearm by the First Assistant Director and told the gun was cold. In accordance with the Hollywood IATSE Union Safety Rules, he believed it was unloaded and safe, and a tragedy occurred.
    Making sure the gun was unloaded was ultimately the responsibility of the movie “Rust” producers, who set the tiny, inadequate budget, and hired a underpaid, low budget non union scab crew. They hired a young, woke, provably incompetent Armorer who was trading on the reputation of her famous armorer Father, who was a legend in the film industry.
    According to IATSE Safety Rules, she was solely responsible for making sure the gun was safe, and loaded with the proper ammunition, whether it was blanks, dummy rounds, or completely empty. The actor is not allowed to do anything to verify that. In a well run movie production, everyone would be safe.
    But this was the set of the low budget non union scab production “Rust,” and they already had multiple negligent discharges, never had required safety investigations of the Negligent Discharges, and had no safety meetings before preparing for scenes involving firearms of any kind, including the day of the murder and attempted murder. It was so bad, much of the crew quit over safety issues before that day, and were replaced by other scabs. Do you blame them for quitting?

    “Yes, we screwed up and fired a gun that was not supposed to go “Bang!” a couple times over several weeks. But we meant well.”
    The Actor Alec Baldwin will likely be tried and acquitted for actions and a situation created by all the producers of “Rust” including Producer Alec Baldwin.
    Baldwin is morally and civilly responsible for the death, but likely not criminally responsible for the murder beyond a reasonable doubt, because he followed the safety rules that were provably inadequately implemented. That sucks.

    1. My hope for a criminal conviction of Alec Baldwin is the prosecution can argue Alec Baldwin knew the multiple safety issues that already existed, and despite that, he callously pointed that gun at the Cinematographer and Director without demanding the armorer had demonstrated personally in accordance with the safety rules confirmed that firearm was safe on the set. Will the Rules and reasonable doubt let him walk free?
      The armorer is toast, and will be found criminally guilty of murder and attempted murder at trial IMO. I think the first assistant director already pled out to lesser charges in exchange for being a States Witness?

    2. Two points:
      1. It wasn’t murder, it was involuntary manslaughter.
      2. Anyone in possession of a firearm is absolutely responsible for knowing its condition. He took possession of it and assumed it was safe, without checking it. Full stop. He doesn’t get a pass because of some dumbass union rule. He pointed the weapon in an unsafe direction without making certain it was safe, cocked the hammer, and pulled the trigger. HE is responsible as the last person in custody of the weapon. Anyone who doesn’t understand this most basic of firearms safety rules has no business in possession of any firearm. It is time to stop making excuses for this guy because of his status.

  3. It was Baldwin’s production company period. The hiring of the person who handled the firearm links directly to Baldwin. Any criminality is on Baldwin. Unfortunately, this is likely all for show. And he’ll get a pass.

  4. I don’t give a s*** who told you what, anytime someone hands you a gun the first thing you do is check it for clear. Impaldwin claiming that the gun just went off what a bunch of crap. Guns just don’t go off.

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