Recently, we had an incident in our quiet little hamlet of Leland Grove, IL.  It seems our neighbor just three doors away arrived home to find his house burglarized. Leland Grove Police and the Sheriff’s K-9 unit responded and located the intruder sleeping in the homeowner’s bed.  After fighting with the police, he was eventually subdued and taken into custody.

I don’t have many facts about this incident, but it doesn’t require much imagination to see how something like this could go sideways in a hurry. Since the suspect was willing to fight with the police who were armed, it tells me this wasn’t the dude’s first rodeo, and that he had no fear of arrest or punishment.

I can’t say how I might have reacted in this situation. I may have pissed my pants and ran away. However, I do know I would have done so with a gun in my hand and I would not have found myself left to the tender mercies of a career criminal. I suspect most thugs would much prefer facing down a full SWAT team rather than one armed and terrified homeowner.

And that brings me to the sad case of Terrance Harris. Channel 20 News reports that Mr. Harris was arrested 12 times in the last 6 months and his impressive résumé lists numerous crimes against people and property.

Most recently, Mr. Harris was arrested for burglarizing Lanphier High School on November 7th. He was released the following day and rearrested 4 days later for doing it againD’oh!  In Illinois retail theft, burglary, and trespassing are no longer “detainable offenses”, thanks to Governor Nitwit’s Pretrial Fairness Act.

However, I’m certain we’re all aware justice is sometimes delivered outside of the walls of a courtroom.  Last Friday, Mr. Harris was found shot deader than an organ donor lying in the roadway near Delaney’s Tavern. Case closed.

Gary Hetherington
Springfield, Illinois

9 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: ‘No Cash Bail’ law yields violent thug shot deader than an organ donor”
  1. Sniff! Such a feel-good story brought a tear to my eye. Ironically, had said douchebag been in the county lockup for his previous activity, he probably wouldn’t have gotten well-ventilated. Thanks, Guv Prickster! One less sack of shit for taxpayers to support, thanks perversely to your no-bail law! So progressive!

  2. This reminds me of the case decades ago (maybe the 80s?) in a midwest town. It may have been Missouri or Oklahoma, not sure. The local scumbag/bully harassed and tormented residents for a long time, with law enforcement not handling the situation to their satisfaction. Finally one day, many residents surrounded his truck as he sat in it. A shot rang out, and he was dead. Not one person in town would admit to knowing who fired the shot. Justice delayed, but justice attained.

    1. I read the book. Missouri.
      The guy was a bully attacking and terrorizing everyone around him. If you filed a complaint he would go after your family and friends too.
      The state police tried really hard to find the person who did a public service. Remember the 5th, don’t tell the police anything.
      Also Remember the ole Texas Murder Defense, “He needed Killing.”

    2. I love a happy ending. If it was vigilante justice then I vote not guilty. And can I buy you a beer?

  3. many superfluous robe-assholes are going to be out of business in this decade, perhaps sooner than they think

    1. Hadn’t thought of it that way, but if there is no crime, why do we need courts and judges?

  4. Another addition by subtraction of the usual suspects. Culture eradication operations continue.

  5. Alright, who left this guy in the road? $25 fine for littering. Now, send out the people that pick up the road kill to get his carcass.

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