It’s all on the ballot this fall.  And if ol’ Joe says it’s true, well then it must be true.  25 seconds you won’t want to miss.  Why, you might even watch it three or four times like I did.

9 thoughts on “CAMPAIGN SEASON HAS BEGUN: Joe Biden says ‘It’s all on the ballot’”
    1. Vote 2 or 3 times? How do you think the Democrats got him into office in the first place? 81 Million Votes, my ass!
      Get involved. Find someone who doesn’t vote and get them to the polls.

    2. If voting mattered, the peasantry would not be allowed to do it. Illinois should be everyone’s education on what use voting is, at least beyond the local level. I will still do it, of course, with the full knowledge that here in the People’s Republic, my vote doesn’t mean shit since I don’t live in Crook County.

  1. Fucking decrepit China puppet. Only thing keeping this Marxist mummy in office is the idiot #2 waiting in the wings. Heels Up is Joe Biden’s ‘Joe Biden’.

    1. It matters not who or how many “vote”, when there are only democRATS “counting” the ballots/votes, where they can “discard” unwanted ballots and, in the case of “mail-out” ballots and unattended “convenient drop-boxes”, illegitimate illegal ballots can be filled out and “found” about 3:00am to sway ballot count to the needed amount necessary for a “victory”.
      just wondered if you heard the song “81 million votes, my ass”?, I ran across it and think it was a Kari Lake supporter that put it together, “The Truth Bombers” on utube, just listened to it again.

  2. Our democracy, our democracy!!! Hey numbnuts, yeah you! We live in a Representative Constitutional Republic. Now go get your shine box.

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