Hey Governor Pritzker…  we thought the Protect Illinois Communities Act was going to curb gang violence?  How can this be possible?  We have the FOID card, the Concealed Carry law.  We have a ban on felons with guns and bans on naughty guns.  Not only that but full-auto naughty guns are even illegal-er.  There’s laws against shooting guns in the city and shooting recklessly.  And about a gazillion more laws.  Including against homicide.  Yet Chicago’s gang members don’t give a damn about laws.  Nor do they worry much about police or prosecutors.  The risk of apprehension for serious crimes is less than 5%.  The risk of arrest for this?  Near zero.  Why?  Because most of the Chicago cops not out on a call around midnight on New Years camped out under overpasses or under other cover to protect from bullets raining down.

Welcome to New Years’ 2024 in Chicago.  From the Back of the Yards neighborhood.

video of machine gun with circular magazine being fired yesterday in back of the yards
byu/sweet_om_chicago inCrimeInChicago

10 thoughts on “Hey Gov. Pritzker: How’s that PICA law doing to curb gang violence like this? [VIDEO]”
  1. The “PICA” registration is “RRRRAAAAASSISS” because to register the bad, black guns you need a FOID card and access to a computer with internet access; CRIMINALS do not apply for FOID permission cards because they are CRIMINALS! DUHHH! The PICA act was/is written ONLY to infringe upon lawful citizen firearm owners to supply a list for the ultimate objective of CONFISCATION of any and all semi-auto firearms, PERIOD!!

    1. Yup. Sadly, the same goes for living outside of that festering shithole of a city. Chicago f-ups run IL and the rest of us have near zero representation in Springfield.

      Too bad that “marksman” didn’t look down the bore for obstructions before pulling the trigger.

    2. Remember, this isn’t that far from where the Democrats will meet for their DNC coronation of Michelle Obama as their candidate for president later this summer.

  2. Someone from the neighborhood will drop-the-dime on the stranger and collect from crime-stoppers. He’ll show up on CWB news soon as – 2024 Example #1.

    1. Exactly, LibsRCancer, criminals CANNOT register firearms because, duhhh, …they don’t have FOID permission cards because, …duhhh, they are criminals!
      PICA is/was designed to find out who and where any and all semiauto firearms are located to soon CONFISCATE any and all of them OTHER THAN the ones used in criminal activity!
      There is no one more ignorant than a democRAT ANTI-Constitutional Marxist “saying” he/they want to eliminate crime by removing self-defense tools from law-abiding citizens, who have no intention or proclivity to commit crimes! Duhhh.

  3. I remember when back of the yards was populated by hardworking middle class citizens. Now….. more of the usual suspects of a different ‘culture’.

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