by Justin Thyme
a GSL member
Here we are again, a brand new year. What will we do with it? What will you do with it? We do not get many re-dos in this life.

New Year’s is a great time for restarting – or making real changes to improve one’s life. For some it might be a lifestyle change to go to the gym and eat healthier.

Of course 2024 brings us an election with life-changing implications. With that in mind, do you know the names of your state and federal representatives and senators? You can find this online at the Illinois State Board of Elections website.

Once you know who they are, you should help them learn who you are. Visit their offices and introduce yourself to their staffers. Make time to attend their community events as a constituent. Visit your local city council and/or county board meetings as time allows. Meet every elected official you can and help them understand the truth about guns so they can be better, smarter politicians.

Hopefully your efforts will help influence their decision-making prior to their votes. Praise your politicians for good votes and give them some polite feedback for bad votes.

Don’t know how to run a computer to help keep tabs on them? No worries. You’re not alone. I struggle with them myself. If you need technical help, recruit your kids or grandchildren to help you. Have they already left Illinois? Ask the neighbor kids for help. They may enjoy helping, and by doing so, you can use it as a teachable moment. Encourage them to support liberty by opposing gun control schemes and other government control. We need to progress toward a future of freedom, not a system that reenacts past tyrannies.

We all know people who have fled the once prosperous Land of Lincoln for greener pastures.

Illinois can become great again, but citizens will have stand up for freedom for that to happen.

Don’t forget political candidates. Help them figure out what changes we can do to more fully take advantage of the ideals voiced in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Volunteer to help the really good candidates.

Just as important, work to help your friends, neighbors and coworkers to understand the truth about guns. Assuming, of course, they haven’t already figured out the proven benefits of firearm ownership and bought their own first gun in the past few years.

Though I cannot promise you a happier New Year, you will have a happier New Year knowing that you’ve done some things to help preserve the freedoms bequeathed to us from previous generations.


7 thoughts on “KEEP FIGHTING TO IMPROVE ONE’S SELF AND WORLD AROUND US: A brand new year… what will we do with it? What will you do with it?”
  1. Unless Chicago experiences another 1871, or slides into the depths of Lake Michigan forever, Illinois will never be great again. Communist Dems have utterly destroyed this state, just as China Joe is destroying the entire country systematically. The political process itself is a complete failure. We are essentially a one-party system now. Dissent will not be tolerated by our rulers.

    While I appreciate the pie-in-the-sky sentiment of articles like these, the reality of 2024 America is far different. This might have worked 30 years ago, but we are pretty close to going out as a free nation forever because our rights have been eroded daily and the vast majority of people just flatly don’t care as long as they have their own creature comforts and are not immediately affected. Not to climb up on a soap box, but when protesting for the perils of terrorist scum like Hamas is more important to the idiot youth of today than their own freedoms, we are probably past the point of no return.

  2. Stop smoking, drinking or doing drugs. Stop eating crap food. Get in shape. Lift heavy weight and do some cardio. Learn a combat martial art. Learn first aid. Get your Ham license. Learn Infantry tactics. Train as much as possible. Stop watching sports. Stop watching TV. Stop going to the movies.

  3. A simple thing for those that are amateur “word smiths” as some on this site seem to be by evidence of some of the comments posted, pro-firearm activist heart-felt believers can/could flood the letters to the editors of local “newspapers”, the way some anti-firearms bigots do at times. I personally have been “published” many times since the 1980s, mostly firearm related but sometimes politically related, especially at times to counter a leftist’s letter or editorial board essay I think needs a rebuttal. 250 words as a limit seems a lot until you get one “finished” but can’t get all you want to say included. Go for it, the more you write the better you get.
    May God Bless America, again!

    1. It just stands to figure that this isn’t the only place you bloviate!

      I wonder if people feel the way about my postings the way I feel about this guy’s postings? Whenever I see his name. I think oh, crap here he goes again!

    2. You don’t have to read them, “GLS 1589”, you GriftingLyingScum, aka: “ken”, aka: “GSL 15s9”, aka: “GSL 15889”, aka: “Amy”, aka: “Amy’s daddy dr. ken”, aka: all the other “names” you post as, grifterlyingscum, just GO AWAY A$$hole!
      K M A with wet sloppy ones!

  4. Thanks for the wise words jboch. Stay positive and keep fighting. We will prevail. Have a blessed new year brother.

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