The Illinois State Police have announced that they will leave the gun registration portal open after the end of this year.  How nice of them, right?

They’re doing so primarily for folks who move into the state to register their self-defense firearms.  They also hinted that they will continue to take gun registration affidavits after the first of the year for those who decide registration is the better part of valor.

Does anyone out there think the Illinois State Police under Gov. JB Pritzker does anything out of benevolence towards gun owners?  Like looking the other way on felony violations of Land of Lincoln gun control schemes by otherwise law-abiding residents?

Sure, they did some things under the Governor’s dubious “Emergency Rules” during COVID, but make no mistake, those changes easing up renewal processes for FOID and carry licenses were done primarily for their benefit, not that of individual gun owners.

Back to FOID holders registering their now-banned self-defense tools…  Any idiot who is stupid enough to register their banned guns after the first of the year truly deserves the pain Pritzker’s State Police inflicts upon them.

Rest assured, there will be oath-breaking ISP troopers who will arrest John or Jane Q. Idiot for registering his or her banned guns after the January 1 deadline.  That registration affidavit completed after 12:01a.m. on January 1 will provide everything law enforcement needs to get a warrant from a judge to seize those banned guns.  Police may or may not arrest the gun owner on the spot.  My Magic 8 Ball says that an arrest is “damn likely” if it’s a gun owner with multiple banned guns.

Even better for Pritkzer’s social media mouthpieces, an arrest of a gun owner with an “arsenal” of four or eight guns will make for some nice media-friendly photos.  Imagine a few guns including some scary looking ones on a table for public relations purposes.  Add in some photos of a dozen or more ammunition magazines, ammo cans and boxes of ammo will make it all the better.   And just for good measure, someone from the Governor’s office might toss in a spare copy of books like The Turner Diaries or The Bell Curve.  Or some Trump memorabilia might find its way onto the table to help with more leftist narratives.  After all, whoever sets up the display table for the media never testified that everything on the table was found at the offending gun owner’s home.

Photos of a perp-walked FOID holder would probably be good enough for a new PR announcement from the AG’s office as well – along with recycled evidence table photos of guns and racist memorabilia.

Kwame Raoul and JB Pritzker need some public examples of arrests to scare others into compliance of one form or another.  A dedicated rule-following law-abiding resident who relents and registers his or her stuff late might just make themselves one of the examples to be fed into the meatgrinder.

And frankly anyone that stupid deserves what they get… ‘gooder and harder’.

14 thoughts on “GUN OWNER SELF-OWN? What happens to Illinois residents who foolishly register guns, accessories after 12:01a.m. on January 1”
  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Jboch got it right. “Pritzker’s state police”

    Can we now please call them Brownshirts and storm troopers? People on the ground have been doing this for most of a year now. The 2A article writers need to catch up with their own audience minus the boot lickers among us causing a burden and dragging down the 2A movement. The GOP will catch up in the year 2041, given how far behind the times they are on like……anything else.

  2. If all the FFL’s would refuse to sell items that are banned for citizens to law enforcement the tide on this would turn pretty quickly. You see, police officers can say they oppose PICA all day long as they walk around with a 17 round mag on their open carry firearm and their unregistered “assault weapon” in the trunk. The day they walk into a gun store and get treated like their own citizens do is the day they ring the phones off the hook at the governor’s office begging the state to intentionally lose all of these court cases. People in our own community are going to need to step it up if there’s any interest in forcing real change. Police get treated the SAME as their “subjects” do. We’ll see how long that lasts!


    1. 100% correct. Any policeman that lifts a finger to enforce PICA against a law-abiding citizen is a traitor to the US Constitution, and unworthy of our support. Period. Decide what side you are on, Mr. Police Officer. If your dilemma seems unfair, thank Governor Fat Fuck for putting you in a bad position just as he did with the rest of us. It’s time to step up, and tell this government where to get off. Or, are you one of them?

    2. Look at Martha’s Vineyard. They had signs up saying all are welcome then one day Governor DeSantis sent some buses of illegal immigrants there and guess what???????? They were shipped out very quickly! It’s easy to say you support open borders until YOU are the open border. It’s easy to say you oppose PICA as a cop until THEY can’t buy over a 10 round magazine for a rifle or 15 for a handgun like everyone else. We have to make the right people in the right positions of power 1. Share the burden of unjust and unconstitutional laws. 2. Make them feel the back of the bus treatment of said laws like the rest of us do. Until the greater 2A community comes to grip that it’s up to THE PEOPLE to fix this we’re screwed. The courts as you all know have laughed us and the Constitution off the stage. We can’t count on SCOTUS either. I’m afraid.

  3. I see JBoch has also hit a new low on this site insulting law-abiding gun owners for potentially getting tripped by a law that is clearly written to ensnare otherwise well-meaning people. My opinion of you has fallen pretty far through the year, but you have really hit rock-bottom and started to dig with this:

    “John or Jane Q. Idiot”
    “And frankly anyone that stupid deserves what they get… ‘gooder and harder’.”

    Frankly, this site hasn’t been worth a FUCK on its advice to gun owners for months, and you really hit a new low tonight with this shit. You have completely lost perspective that the people here are real and not some abstract legal construct. You have placed real people in real legal jeopardy with your shitty advice. Your take on the legal fight against PICA has been almost universally wrong for the last full year, with bad prediction after bad prediction.

    Perhaps it is time for you to turn this place over to someone who remembers who the real enemy is here. You are disgusting.

    1. Not sure I agree with much of anything above. In fact, I can’t help but think a troll is posing as LRC.

    2. We NEED the Gun Owners of America in Illinois. We currently have no state director or anything. They don’t compromise like ISRA or help write red flag laws like Illinois Carry or apologize for the gun control enforcers called the ISP like GSL does. This is why Illinois sucks when it comes to gun rights. Gun Owners of America works for THE PEOPLE not the system.

  4. I agree that some people will register after Jan. 1st. They will be well meaning but not very wise to the real world and how much our state’s government hates those who have the guns! They will find out soon enough.

    1. You pay your credit card a day ,you pay a penalty.
      Pay your taxes a day late , pay a penalty.
      Why would anyone think that if you registered a day after the deadline that will be fine.
      But somebody will FA&FO I’m sure

  5. Barrett Firearms’ website says they will not sell to or service firearms for California, New York, or New Jersey. Illinois should be on that list. All vendors of banned items should refuse sales to Illinois LEOs.

    1. Agree. It SICKENS me how many people who claim to be pro-constitution think the police get some blanket respect and deserve all of these exemptions to laws they enforce. Just look around at how many of them drive around in school zones or on the highway at OVER the speed limit with their eyes glued to their phones and not the road but the second you do that it’s “distracted driving” and they’ll cite you, the subject and peon. Now take this to gun laws. Mrgunsngear mentioned that New Mexico eliminated qualified immunity a couple years back and that is why police there did not want to enforce their governor’s gun ban in Albuquerque – because they could be PERSONALLY sued for violating people’s constitutional rights. It wasn’t because they were nice and cared about our rights as many of these back the blue gullible suckers think. That was the only place I heard that and it’s because the political right is TERRIFIED of being called “anti-cop” so they stay silent about the very issue that can knock the teeth right out of gun control’s mouth………to eliminate qualified immunity and WE get to suffer for it. If the political right fought like the left does this “assault weapon” law would have been gone months ago. For one, the left moves in unison for the common goal of winning. If the 2A was a leftist cause the FFL’s in Illinois and nationally would be on the same page to NOT sell law enforcement anything their own citizens can’t buy. Then the police would be the ones screaming to get rid of the law. But nooooooooooooooo, the 2A is a “right wing” cause and so is “back the blue” and guess what? Back the blue wins and the constitution and the peon “subjects” loses EVERY.FUCKING.TIME! This pro-police bullshit will either be eradicated from 2nd amendment movement or the 2A advocates will talk about registering bolt actions and single shots before we know it. TAKE THIS TO THE BANK!

  6. Correct Tom. What 2A activists generally don’t get is that the “my rights” angle is first used in the legislature then the courts. AFTER both of those fail as they have in Illinois the next step is to manufacture the outcome you want. Both you and Mark are spot on that the next step is to get the voice of law enforcement to become your voice. As we see the system, courts and otherwise don’t care about the citizenry and our rights so continuing down that path results in perpetual losses. So the next step, I mean the next step if we, and I hate the word, collectively, make law enforcement bear the burden we do then THEY will elevate their voices and have 10x the power of the voice we do. They are the enforcement arm of the government so if we can get them to sing our song, so to say, as in tell the state to get rid of this PICA law then it will have far more leverage than we’ll ever have. To make this short and easy, since We The People are disregarded, then we must get some element of society which is still regarded, law enforcement to become our voice and elevate our concerns. Make our concerns, THEIR concerns. This is done first by making THEM feel the pain of unconstitutional gun control. Unless and until THEY shoulder our burdens, nothing will change. Someone said that people support open borders until THEY are the open border as in the Martha’s Vineyard example. This is an easy fix but it will take a collective of FFL’s to put down their lust for money from whomever will give it to them in the short term to make the change needed to secure their lust for money that all of us can contribute to for the long term. People need to have foresight greater than a goldfish. Sometimes, that’s the issue!

  7. Don’t talk to the police. Registering your shit with them would seem to fall within those parameters, would it not? ESPECIALLY after the window for registration is over.

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