Guns Save Life’s Executive Director John Boch joined Greg Bishop on the Bishop On Air show Thursday morning to talk about the 99.4% non-compliance numbers, options for naughty gun owners in light of the upcoming closure of the gun registration window and a look into the future on several fronts.


7 thoughts on “LOOKING INTO THE CRYSTAL BALL: GSL’s John Boch joins Bishop On Air to discuss gun control moves in the Land of Lincoln [VIDEO]”
  1. Interesting take, John. You still seem to believe we have a country and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Events of the last year here in Illinois prove otherwise. Laws are for the law-abiding – not for the government and other criminals.

    Now you estimate that it might be 2025 before we get PICA overturned? On what basis? SCOTUS hasn’t even agreed to hear the case in any fashion. Putzker may well be a pot-smoking gasbag, but right now he’s rolling 7’s on every toss, and we are crapping out with every effort in Illinois. I frankly no longer have any belief that PICA isn’t going to be allowed to stand in toto, just as the NY Safe Act was allowed to stand. That was 2013. When will IT be overturned?

    I keep hearing this optimistic prattle from our side about ‘any day now’ – and I keep seeing fuck all happen. How about thoughts on that? From where I sit, Bruen isn’t worth jack shit here in Illinois because Fat Bastard and his personal fluffer Bob Morgan simply ignore it and USC, and SCOTUS is too busy standing on tradition and ceremony to do a fucking thing about it. When do we get relief from the dictator and his fawning cabal in the General Assembly?

  2. If all the FFL’s would refuse to sell items that are banned for citizens to law enforcement the tide on this would turn pretty quickly. You see, police officers can say they oppose PICA all day long as they walk around with a 17 round mag on their open carry firearm and their unregistered “assault weapon” in the trunk. The day they walk into a gun store and get treated like their own citizens do is the day they ring the phones off the hook at the governor’s office begging the state to intentionally lose all of these court cases. People in our own community are going to need to step it up if there’s any interest in forcing real change. Police get treated the SAME as their “subjects” do. We’ll see how long that lasts!


    Bishop on Air is awesome, BTW!

    1. Problem is too many dealers will sell to cops. CI Shooting in Bloomington has a whole goddamn wall of guns I can’t buy. Do you think they would stop selling to LEOs? I would love it if they did but You’re delusional to think they would decline sales and income from selling to cops.

  3. Look at Martha’s Vineyard. They had signs up saying all are welcome then one day Governor DeSantis sent some buses of illegal immigrants there and guess what???????? They were shipped out very quickly! It’s easy to say you support open borders until YOU are the open border. It’s easy to say you oppose PICA as a cop until THEY can’t buy over a 10 round magazine for a rifle or 15 for a handgun like everyone else. We have to make the right people in the right positions of power 1. Share the burden of unjust and unconstitutional laws. 2. Make them feel the back of the bus treatment of said laws like the rest of us do. Until the greater 2A community comes to grip that it’s up to THE PEOPLE to fix this we’re screwed. The courts as you all know have laughed us and the Constitution off the stage. We can’t count on SCOTUS either. I’m afraid.
    I agree, Bishop is an excellent source of info!

  4. Great. I get to wait until *next* term of the Supreme Court to make this right. That sucks donkey nuts.

  5. Sam Whittemore, delusional huh? How many MORE sales would FFL’s get if they could sell to everyone. Give me a figure showing law enforcement buys more than everyone else combined. Shame on FFL’s who are by design of their business, a political target when they only care about $$$ and not the cause they are supposedly open for. Activism takes work and freedom isn’t free. IF we are going to live free someone has to get their toes stepped on at first. I can see you’re a newby when it comes to fighting for rights. Like they say, people get the government they deserve.

  6. Sam Whittemore, some FFL’s already put their money where their mouth is and only sell to law enforcement only what’s legal for their citizens. T.Rex Arms is one I know. I guess they’re “delusional” too.

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