The Conservative Treehouse posts some outstanding content, including deep analysis of politics.  Sundance runs the place and has great insight into things.  The Sound of Freedom movie was released over the Independence Day weekend and outperformed all of the mainstream media’s expectations.  Why, it’s almost as if they wanted to see the movie fail.

What is The Sound of Freedom?  It’s about one group’s work to stop child sex traffickers.  “God’s children are no longer for sale.”

While most of the trash coming out of Hollywood is just that (what little that they are producing today, still off dramatically from pro-COVID times), this one wasn’t produced by Hollywood.  In fact, none of the folks in Hollywood wanted to touch this screenplay.  It might be bad for business.

From Treeperland:

There is a new Jim Caviezel movie coming out on July 4th that deserves some attention.  Sound of Freedom is a new Angel Original production, based on the incredible true story of a former government agent turned freedom fighter who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue dozens of children from modern-day slavery.

Long-term Treepers will remember the deep diving research we did into the issues of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC’s) during the first term of the Obama era.  You cannot go into that world without finding the issue of trafficked children; it is a dark and horrific issue that few can truly fathom.  CTH had to back out of the research because without professional support it has negative psychological impacts. The depravity is pure evil.

That said, Jim Caviezel is a big-time hero, genuinely surrounded by a manifestation of God’s armor, as he pushes through the horrors and brings sunlight onto the issue.  There are approximately 2 million children trafficked every year, and the outcome of what happens to them is beyond disturbing. TRAILER WATCH:

“The movie stars Jim Caviezel (The Count of Monte Cristo, The Passion of the Christ) as Tim Ballard, a man who spent over a decade working as a special agent at the Department of Homeland Security. Sound of Freedom highlights one of his first missions to free dozens of children from sex trafficking and exploitation. It is a story of the fight for freedom and hope, even in the darkest of places.” ~ Visit WEBSITE HERE

The mission of the Sound of Freedom movie is to spark a global conversation about the realities of child trafficking and empower viewers to take unprecedented action to help put an end to this modern-day slavery.

CTH has glimpsed the dark underbelly of the world being described and portrayed in this movie. My hope and prayer are that Jim Caviezel and the entire team responsible for the production of this movie are able to awaken a larger audience to the horrors they outline.  Pray for them.

When you truly understand the nature of this issue, you realize the value in very hard men with Viking level fortitude and intensity that will confront and destroy this level of evil.  Pray for them also.

Lastly, there is only one force in this universe able to destroy this level of evil manifest, that force is the power of God.  Pray for it most!

Good news folks.  It’s now available to watch for free at Amazon Prime online streaming.

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