We’ve covered the abysmal public education system in Chicago and how it leads to violent crime and gang membership.  “How so?” you ask?

JB Pritzker brags that 87% of kids graduate high school. But they can’t read or do math.  They’re semi-illiterate at best.  And a quarter of them are functionally illiterate.  They have no hope of getting a decent job, getting married, raising a family while having a career and becoming productive members of society.

Instead, these illiterate kids have no future aside from what they perceive as the glamorous “gang” lifestyle of money, guns and drugs.  And the only prestige they have among their peers is what they earn from their willingness to use violence.

Kids show off their Glock switches
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Illinois Policy has the numbers, but they don’t make the connection between illiteracy, gangs and violent crime.

Research shows income and adult literacy are strongly related. Data from the National Center for Education Statistics show 20% of Illinois adults are “functionally illiterate.” Cook County’s rate is 25%.

One-fifth of Illinois adults are functionally illiterate, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. That means they cannot understand the meaning of sentences, locate information on pages or complete simple forms, all of which would affect their abilities to hold many jobs.

In Cook County, 25% of adults are functionally illiterate.

Chicago Public Schools spends about $29,000 per pupil – up from about $15,800 in 2017.

What’s more, even spending 85% more, scores are collapsing.  And most of the students are far, far behind what’s expected of them.

It could be worse.  In the Bronx (aka part of New York City) fully half of adults are illiterate.  Maybe that explains AOC’s election.  But I digress.

So when illiterate thugs occasionally meet Darwin in robbing someone who is armed – legally or not – and assumes room temperature, pardon us for not shedding a lot of tears.  And for the record, the little aspiring armed robber was not a “victim” but in reality nothing more than a piss poor perpetrator who showed a sudden and profound error in his victim selection process.  From CWB Chicago

Chicago police are investigating after a 19-year-old man was shot and killed in West Town on Saturday afternoon. A concealed carry holder told police he shot the man because the man and three other people targeted him in an armed robbery.

The shooting occurred in an alley behind the 1700 block of West Cortez around 4:51 p.m.

In a media statement, the Chicago Police Department claimed “a 19-year-old male victim was in the alley when he sustained a gunshot wound to the chest by an unknown offender. The victim was transported to Stroger Hospital where he was pronounced. Area Three Detectives are investigating.”

However, officers at the scene said the shooter was a 68-year-old concealed carry holder who remained on the scene. He reportedly told them that he shot the man, who celebrated his 19th birthday last week, in self-defense during an armed robbery. Three other people who participated in the robbery ran from the scene, according to initial information.

7 thoughts on “STATE OF LITERACY IN ILLINOIS: Quarter of Cook County adults illiterate”
  1. Where is the videos those two goddamn illiterate
    Gang bangers who couldn’t even read $300 in a Twitter post?

  2. Never, ever forget the Democrats were the Party of the South and the Party for Slavery. Democrats wanted to spread slavery to Bloody Kansas, and every state in the West.

    Democrats want their Black Constituents today the same exact way they wanted their Black Slaves 200 years ago. Big, Strong, Uneducated, and Stupid, because the ignorant are easily manipulated.

  3. They know how to murder other gang-bangers though, so there is that. Pleased to give up my Constitutional rights so that this vermin can exist.

  4. The State of IL requires IL FFL dealers to record a buyers name, address, telephone number, age, and occupation when transferring a firearm. I have countless adults (21-50) asking what is occupation?
    On form 4473 box 10 asks for “number and street address. Countless forms are shredded so ‘adult’s can fill out the form properly. That is, not placing their telephone number in the box. I knew my ‘number and street address’ in kindergarten.
    Illiterate whether functionally or actually is only part of the problem. Plain stupid runs rampant.

  5. The video attached to this article has nothing to do with illiteracy. The video has everything to do with the usual suspects and their culture. Bereft of parents, responsibility, morals, education, work ethic, empathy, sympathy, and humanity. Societal trash needing disposal. I have known older relatives, my mother included, who did not go to school past 8th grade. Some of those relatives were functionally illiterate. None lived the thug life or became dependent on society for support. Not an excuse. I call bullshit! The solution will be to toss more unreal dollars at the government schools. The effect will be nothing; those dollars end up in the hands of teachers who hide a revolver in their fat rolls and negligently discharge such revolver at a White Sox game. Get smart, get armed, get trained, this is not going to end well.

  6. According to the United States Census Bureau, congressional districts represented by democrats have a higher percentage of high school dropouts than districts represented by republicans.
    And, According to a poll by the Daily Wire, one out of every four democrats believe that men can become pregnant while 36% of white college educated female democrats believe that a man can become pregnant.

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