Two days ago, some really bad boys tried the old hop out attack in an effort to carjack a new ride.  They effed around and found out as the occupant of the parked vehicle maintained good situational awareness.  When he saw the armed goblins piling out of the suddenly-stopped vehicle, he drew his own and opened fire.

One of the baddies in the white hoodie soaked up one or two rounds and decided to rest in the gutter of the street.  Sadly, he failed at trying to become a human speed bump.

Two of the others set personal best records and sprinting as they tried to catch up with their getaway driver who didn’t want any part of incoming projectiles.   It looks like the good guy might have tagged at least one of the other perps as they stopped down the street to continue shooting before driving away.

Anyone telling you that you “only need 10 rounds” for self-defense clearly doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

4 thoughts on “FAFO: Your happy ending story of the day… [VIDEO]”
  1. Stay alert. Stay alive. Large capacity magazines are your friend, always have extras. Round placement, aim small…shoot small. When the adrenaline is flowing this is the best advice. Because tunnel vision and the shakes or “essential tremors” may throw your fine motor skills out the window.

    Deep breathing techniques, exposure to high stress situations, and training are the only remedies and even then it’s your central nervous system that your combatting, so even the most hardened, elite, and trained warrior can fall victim to your own bodies chemistry, physiological, and other stimuli.

    But increasing the odds in your favor is the goal and the biggest multiplier of that metric is alertness to your surroundings.

    As they say out there, Stay armed, Stay Safe and be careful.

  2. When the “gubmint” tells you you don’t “need” a firearm for protection, you better buy two, extra magazines, and plenty of ammunition!

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