Well, a very unfavorable VP kneepads Harris has taken her first major announcement as the supervisor of the Biden Regime’s new “Office of Gun Violence Prevention.”  You know it was going to be a circus for two reasons:  First, they refer to gang violence as ‘gun’ violence and secondly, they appointed a opportunistic ‘leader’ known more for her bumbling ability than leadership at anything that doesn’t involve kneepads.

Kammy’s (or Commie’s) new “Safer States Agenda” will save us all.  Remember, she’s from the government and she’s here to help you.

“The Safer States Initiative is a White House effort to provide states with more tools and federal support to take life-saving action and reduce gun violence…” the report says. “In the months ahead, the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention will work with states to make sure they have the resources needed to advance this life-saving agenda.”

Uh, yeah.

This from the woman who threw a bunch of people into prison over marijuana – aka Devil’s Lettuce – which cackling later about how she used to smoke it while listening to music.  “I inhaled, too,” she said.  Yeah, we knew that.  We know what else you do as well.

And to think she’s a heartbeat away from the presidency.  God help our nation.

7 thoughts on “VP HARRIS THE BUMBLER: Kamala Harris takes three months leading the new ‘Office of Gun Violence Prevention,’ to finally release an agenda”
  1. Hey Kamalala!
    Want to actually cut “Gun Violence?” Make the US Attorneys enforce Federal Gun Laws for possession of a firearm by a felon. Lock repeat felons up in Federal Prison.
    Remember Project Exile in Baltimore?

    1. Yes rd, and the “ten,..twenty,..life” penalties in Florida that really cut down on crime, …until what ever happened to repeal the legislation. Felons in possession of firearms and/or ammunition should NEVER be “pled down” to lesser punishment, period. Felons “in possession” are much of the repeat crime plaguing our nation’s most crime infested cities.

  2. I’m guessing she does one thing really well.
    But I guess we’ve all got to do something well. And she is recycling while she does it.

  3. I think we can count on her to run this initiative as effectively as she has in her position of “Border Czar.”

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