Remington and Illion, NY have been pretty much synonymous for over two hundred years now.  Frankly, Remington is what put Ilion, NY on the world map.  But politicians in the country’s least free state have successfully pushed that company out of the state to the free state of Georgia.  Yes, political decisions and legislation has real-world implications and this is yet another.  Kind of like some of the many companies that have left Illinois because of our state’s dysfunctional government and onerous laws that don’t apparently apply to the criminal class in Chicagoland.

The blow will likely devastate the local economy.

From the Times-Union:

ILION — Two hundred and seven years after it was started in this Herkimer Count village and two years after their new private equity owners said they weren’t leaving, Remington Arms is packing up its New York state gun factory and moving it to Georgia…

The factory is expected to close down on March 4, 2024. Some employees may be offered jobs at the new location, but it was unclear how many. About 300 currently work at the Ilion facility, down from 700 a few years ago and more than a 1,000 at its peak.

There you go…

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  1. And how many billionaires have moved out of illinois this year and taken their businesses with them? Good for them! Vote with your feet.

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