Good hospitals, especially larger hospitals, will have serious security – as in armed officers. Why? Because hospitals and trauma centers are the furthest thing from “safe spaces.”

Real danger lurks both within and just outside the walls of these facilities. Yes, this applies to even smaller city medical centers like Peoria’s OSF Medical Center and their ER entrance pictured above. What spurred this massive police response – at least massive for downstate? A flurry of gang-related shootings.

Wounded gang-bangers end up at emergency rooms. They bring their friends and families, and sometimes their enemies looking for payback. Before you know it, they’re all trading shots at the hospital endangering countless innocents.

If you see hospital security like this, you’re likely on your own if things go sideways.

They probably won’t have the horsepower to do THIS.

This is an ED Department door where (serious) security threw someone OUT of the ED.

If you hear “Trauma Alert ED” over the intercom, and look out the window to see this, it may or may not be safe.

Aside from “exciting” times like these at Emergency Departments, hospitals are often located in older, sometimes crime-ridden neighborhoods. Regardless of neighborhood quality, bad guys know that good guys can’t carry concealed firearms there, so they’re almost assured their victims will be unarmed and nearly defenseless.

Hospitals also treat mental patients too.

Between the criminals and the crazies, unsuspecting people can easily and quickly become the victim of serious crime in a place they falsely assumed to be “safe”.

So pay attention to your surroundings and practice avoidance. After all, you don’t want to have to punch some mope’s ticket.

Shots fired outside of a Chicagoland ER entrance earlier this year.

Maintain high situational awareness in medical center parking garages too. Often poorly lit, they offer lots of blind spots for bad guys to loiter while looking for a potential victim or victims.

And if you’re in the ER with a patient, keep your eyes open as well for potential threats and encourage the rest of your family to do the same.

Give those hospital security people a nod to acknowledge them. They’re there to discourage mopes from doing mopey things.

6 thoughts on “Hospitals are NOT ‘Safe Spaces’”
  1. Talk about coincidence !!!!! This article is 100% spot on. Tue night my daughter ( late teens ) wakes my wife and I at about 1 am. She’s got a high fever, chills, and all the signs of an inner ear infection. she was feeling like shit ( her words ) when she went to bed and it got worse. then she starts throwing up. OK off to the ER at our smaller town hospital. While checking in we hear someone going ape shit screaming and swearing. Turns out they had a dangerous mental patient brought in by the cops. this guy seriously injured a nurse and one of the cops seriously injured this nut case so they’re trying to treat him and he’s going crazy. we got all kinds of apologies for having to hear him and the nurse said ” don’t worry he can’t hurt you ” I already knew that ( haha ). I told my wife I was very concerned that this asshole was running around loose in our community. He’s listed as homeless and was released 2 days earlier ( safety act of course ) for all kinds of shit. One of the cops and the unarmed hospital security were outside having a smoke break so I went out and got some info from them. one of the cops was all pissed off because the judge didn’t keep the guy in jail and now he had to put up with the nut ( the nut spit right in his face 15 min earlier ). Thankfully my daughter is doing much better after an IV and some antibiotics and they did a great job. Ironically she plans on being a nurse so she’ll get to deal with this shit !!!! I told her you’re deep concealed carrying, no arguing PERIOD !!!!

  2. I’ve seen these things escalate quickly in hospitals (military, civilian, and VA). Thankful when I see the security people are properly equipped. Things can go sideways in a heartbeat.

  3. I would have no problem with the nice young ladies in security using more than their physical strength to stop a bad guy. A bad guy in my hometown tried to beat up a female cop. She just shot him when his strength was overcoming hers. He lived, but I’ll bet he thinks twice before fighting another cop.

  4. Hey, I recognize a couple of those pictures. Yes, there was real security at that hospital. The hospital I am at now has mostly the security of the pictured female security crew. No, strike that. Most of these security staff members are morbidly obese and or blue/green hairs. If a trans shooter came in they would probably assist them as to do otherwise would be transphobic bigotry.

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