Dan Caulkins lost at the Illinois Supreme Court in his case challenging the PICA Gun & Magazine ban.   Caulkins’ case challenged the law on “Equal Protection” grounds and garnered a decision back in may throwing out the PICA law.  However, the governor and the AG’s office pretty much ignored that ruling and continued as though the law remained in force.

Caulkins recently filed an Petition for Certiorari on November 9th, asking the US Supreme Court to grant “Cert” (shorthand for Certiorari, meaning that SCOTUS will accept the case for review and a decision).  A response was due December 14th.

Today, the State of Illinois, via Attorney General Kwame Raoul, issued its response.

What’s this mean in English?

One interpretation from Caulkins’ attorney suggests the State of Illinois accepted the truthfulness of the statements Caulkins asserted in his filing.

My interpretation (and I am not a lawyer) is that Governor Pritzker is simply choosing to triage resources for upcoming hearings and this one did not make the cut.  Instead of devoting scarce resources to this, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office is betting that this is one of those 97.2% of petitions the US Supreme Court simply decides not to accept.

Does the likelihood of acceptance go up when the State of Illinois is not responding to the Petition for Cert?  Maybe.  But even if it goes up 50% (which I’m pretty confident is wildly overstating it), that still means a 96% chance of rejection.

On the other hand, if the long-shot petition is granted, SCOTUS will hear the case.  What’s more, this would send shockwaves through the State of Illinois.

If you’re hoping they will issue a preliminary injunction blocking the state from enforcing it, well, you better not hold your breath.


8 thoughts on “Dan Caulkins’ appeal to SCOTUS takes interesting turn; State waives ordered response”
  1. Hold on folks. The ride will be slow and bumpy. But I believe we’ll get across the finish line.

  2. I think you’re right Mr Boch. Triage and playing the odds in progress.

    They would really and truly s*** themselves if the Supreme Court ruled that those two justices were unduly influenced by all that money. What are we talking about $10M or so now?

    The best Justice money can buy

    1. …that should be “the (best?) just-us money can buy”, Mr. Deplorable, as in just the “ruling Marxist majority”, no justice for the citizens’ Constitutional Rights.

  3. Culkins a the poster child for the Republican grift. They vote against the gun ban and perhaps even file court challenges to them BUT THEN they vote for other bills like HB2722, ya, remember that “just one bill” that further empowers the ISP to carry out their mission whatever that is. Does any peon citizen who cops call a subject want to guess what that is? It’s to launch this assault on Illinois residents under the PICA law. How stupid do they think people are? As if no one would connect the dots that these “pro-2A” Republicans are sneaking around and advancing something they claim to be against. These fake 2A supporting lawmakers take your donations and votes then go to Springfield and stab you right in the back. Just look at the roll call votes on ILGA. If you support these Republicans that voted for HB2722 you got got. You got exploited for votes. You got duped! Unless you are GSL1589 with zero self-respect then you might want to do some further questioning of these people before you vote for them. I wonder if that GSL member Kelvin guy filed this week to run for the IL House? I haven’t heard. He needs to be asked how he would vote on HB2722. His answer will expose if he’s a grift or an actual Constitutional supporter with the constituents in mind. There is NO REASON why gun owners in Illinois should get raked over the coals by these grifters. Either which way you get statewide Democrat control. The GOP can’t shut the fuck up about abortion for 5 consecutive minutes and it pushes more and more people to vote Democrat. BUYER BEWARE!

    1. Apparently the people of Illinois are pretty stupid. They keep voting for the same ones no matter how bad it gets.

    2. Hey, Bert, where’s Ernie, or is that you Toad? F U very much. Get off a yer high hor(se) and change your in-depends diaper, the stench is overwhelming.

    3. That’s right, we need more baby murdering Republicans so they can get elected and protect our gun rights! Wait…how will that work, again? No, this is straight up idolatry, trusting in man rather than trusting God and obeying His commands! The Bible says “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.” (Jas 1:27) This argument also forgets why God gave us a right to be armed in the first place, which is to protect life. This is Guns Save *Life*, remember? “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” (1 Ti 5:8) God will not honor those who want to trade abortion for gun rights–you will lose both. Stop looking for salvation from men and put your faith in God! “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; But we will remember the name of the LORD our God.” (Ps 20:7)

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