Thanks to our commenters for sharing this:  The thugs that carjacked a family from their home in the Beverly neighborhood returned Tuesday morning – yesterday – to steal a second car.  The ‘jackers made off with one car and likely had a key and/or keyfob on the keyring, so why not steal the second car, right?  That’s just what they did.  And they did it at 7:20 in the morning – in broad daylight.

These carjackers, like the other criminals in Chicago, have no worries about getting caught, prosecuted or incarcerated.  They are brazen little bastards.

So, do you think that Beverly family has rekeyed the locks on their house yet?  Because those carjackers probably wouldn’t mind having a playdate with the cute little teenage daughter that lives there and maybe mom too.

Question #2:  Do you think mom and dad have secured the means with which to protect their home yet?  The most effective means?

How many times will they need to be victimized by the scum of the earth before they decide that it’s time to go real estate shopping?

Because obviously the police and the so-called “criminal justice system” in Chicago isn’t going to protect them.

From WGN9:

CHICAGO — A Beverly family that is still reeling from an armed carjacking in their driveway was targeted again only 12 days later, police say.

According to Chicago police, two persons of interest were taken in for questioning on Tuesday after thieves made off with a second vehicle stolen from the family that fell victim less than two weeks ago.

The family’s surveillance camera captured the moments the carjacking took place on Nov. 2, when thieves stole one of the family vehicles and FOBs to both of the family’s cars.

Alderman Matthew O’Shea (19th Ward) said thieves returned to the house on Tuesday morning and stole a second vehicle that was parked on the street outside the home.

5 thoughts on “CHICAGO’S BRAZEN BAD GUYS: Beverly neighborhood family featured on Today Show has SECOND car stolen as carjackers return”
  1. Thanks to the FOID card process these people will have a nice long UNARMED wait until they can get the card and then the means to self protection. That shouldn’t be but we can thank a scum sucking liberal judge for ruling that the FOID card is just fine with Bruen and the 2nd. They may want to visit the “retailer” their attackers shop at for a quicker solution.

    1. Menard, …
      …as well as baseball bats, axes/hand axes, machetes, rocks, … keep something handy, I have a couple cheap machetes around as well as a couple baseball bats and pistolas stashed in a couple places. But I live on a small farm where these tools are handy for other than self defense as well.

  2. Yes, they will be waiting a good long time for that FOID card, but in the mean time they could always get something called the “PYRO- 15” which was featured in the November “Firearms News”. Yes they wouldn’t be able to use inside the house, but outside they would be able to really light the criminals up.

  3. God helps those who help themselves. If this apparently successful family didn’t have the wisdom to secure personal defense tools, then f*** them. Stupid should hurt. They probably voted for this s***.

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