Lookie lookie!  The Serval wildcat on the prowl north of Decatur has been located and caught.  Seems wild kitty wanted some tuna and got caught in a livetrap between Decatur and Maroa.

Yes, it represents opportunities lost.  That cat would have looked really good in a trophy room.  Or my porch.

Your small kids now have one fewer predator to worry about.

From a Facebook post from Macon County Animal Control:

The Serval was captured between Forsyth and Maroa today. It is in the custody of Animal Control and will remain in the custody of Animal Control while legal issues regarding it’s possession are addressed. The animal will NOT be euthanized.

Pretty sure it won’t go back to the classy lookin’ fellow in Decatur who kept it in his apartment for a week or two before it got out.

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