The last fifty feet to your front door is one of the three locations the average person is most likely to become a victim of violent crime.*  A Chicago family’s ordeal captured on a Ring camera show just how quickly things can go sideways.  The crisp video went viral and gave good old “Big Brain” Brandon Johnson’s Chicago some great national publicity on the Today Show.

The recent carjacking in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood made national news. ‘Today’ did an interview with the victims, and obtained extended footage of the crime. Also revealed that the husband/father had a gun held to his head when he went out to help his wife. Link 2 article in the comments
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From Yahoo News:

Michele Pettiford and her 12-year-old daughter were returning to their Chicago home from volleyball practice last week when two men ran up to them and demanded the keys to the family’s car.

In a video captured by surveillance cameras on Nov. 2, Pettiford is heard yelling “they’re in my purse” as she is held at gunpoint and thrown to the ground. Her daughter ran inside screaming, and dialed 911 once she got upstairs.

“You hear about blood curdling screams — that’s just something I’ll never forget,” Jeff Pettiford, who ran outside to help his wife, told NBC Chicago.

One of the men put a gun to Jeff Pettiford’s head as he tried to offer them money, but they only wanted a car. He helped them start his Audi, but said they kept asking for a key because they did not understand that the vehicle used a fob. The men fled the scene in the car.

“When they came at me and I looked at them, they weren’t afraid,” Jeff Pettiford told NBC Chicago. “I came running directly at them and the thought wasn’t, ‘Oh no, let’s get out of here.’ It’s, ‘Let’s turn around and potentially shoot this person.'”

Yet another Chicago family generously sampling the violent cultural enrichment so prevalent in Murder/Robbery City USA.  They certainly lost their naivete that it only happens to someone else.

Brandon Johnson doesn’t really care.  He’s got over 150 armed bodyguards protecting him home and family, while he advocates that the little people be disarmed of their guns.  Don’t you love the hypocrisy?


*  The other two are gas stations and parking lots.



7 thoughts on “Chicago makes The Today Show with vicious carjacking in ‘upscale’ neighborhood…”
  1. happens when you let [EDIT] run free

    ~Please, let’s try to be a little more articulate in describing bad guys.

  2. Dad and Mom need to get theirselves some personel protection devices and learn how to use them.

  3. The nice progressives in Beverly believed the usual suspects could be placated. Perhaps if the usual suspects were invited to dinner and the nice progressives offered a ‘bevy’ of social programs and confessed their white guilt ?

  4. Good and harder. Good and harder. Maybe mom, dad and their teenage daughter should consider moving to a safer, lower-tax locale. Then again, they probably voted for this stuff.
    Voting for liberal pols gets you high crime, gun control, free access to abortion and pot. And your kids groomed for perverts and alphabet people.
    Pretty soon the Black Caucus in IL will be wanting to legalize sex with minors and kiddie pron.

  5. If dad had a gun on his hip, it probably would have ended a lot differently. As it is, I bet there’s not a lot of sound sleeping happening at that residence and won’t be for a long time. How long can someone live like that and not have it take a toll on their lives?

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