The new so-called “Protect Illinois Communities Act” is supposed to, well, protect Illinois Communities.  But do you really want to know who it really protects?  It protects gang members from law-abiding citizens fighting back against them.

The new law disarms all of the good people in the hopes that the bad people will stop using guns to victimize others.

Look at these young scholars on their way to a SAT prep class.

Illinois law now prohibits loaded handgun magazines in excess of 15 rounds.

PICA also demands a whole host of guns that must be registered.  I’m sure these young scholars jumped through the hoops to bring themselves into compliance with the PICA law.

The criminal code in the Land of Lincoln also prohibits waving guns around inside a car too.  But then again, it’s against the law to convert your Glocks to fire full-auto and shoot at other people too.  Pretty sure these upstanding citizens and future scientists and physicists have FOID cards and carry licenses too.

5 thoughts on “BUT DID THEY REGISTER THOSE? Chicago ‘bangers riding near Mayor’s house rock out with their Glocks out”
  1. Those ghetto rats couldn’t spell FOID. I have taken shits smarter than them. They are thugs with guns. They will end up dead soon enough, hopefully before they can breed or hurt too many decent people.

  2. I would be a lot more hesitant to demonize Glock switches and other devices and tools when street thugs are using them. I thought the WHOLE point of being a pro-2A advocate was to de-stigmatize the gun OR parts themselves and to only blame the person who’s showing ill intent. Otherwise this is yet another endless example where D’s and R’s are two sides of the same coin. And guess what? How did we get the “assault weapon” ban? It’s because the gun control activists wanted to ban something they think is important to their political opponents. Don’t be a gun controller Jboch.

    1. Until and unless I can own them freely, I’m not keen on criminals having them. Pretty sure I’ve heard Mr. B. say the same.

  3. The Usual Suspects………………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people continue to prove me right every day. What’d I say wrong ?

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