In the 1970s, crime in America surged to very high levels.  The perception at least was that the cops seldom catch offenders.  (Gee, does that sound familiar?)  Americans, then disarmed by gun control laws and bans on concealed carry were frustrated.

Of course the mainstream media didn’t help.  And back then they had the monopoly on news dissemination.  They loved sensational stories.  “If it bleeds, it leads,” was the common media philosophy.  (Even so today!)

In 1974, the Charles Bronson flick “Death Wish” became a classic movie.  It resonated with the entire nation sick of victimization at the hands of criminals.  The movie put Bronson on the map as a star and had millions of Americans wishing they had the stones of the Death Wish protagonist.

In 1980, sick of Jimmy Carter’s missteps leading to stagflation and crime, America elected Ronald Reagan in a massive landslide.  They wanted strong leadership at the top, not a submissive “leader.”

The crime continued.

In 1984, Bernard Goetz decided he was not going to be a victim any more.  After getting robbed on a NYC subway, he started packing a gun.  Not so long afterwards, when four young, black punks tried to rob him while holding screwdrivers, he shot them.

Of course, the City Fathers were aghast that one of the little people would fight back when cops and prosecutors couldn’t keep people safe.  They tried to hammer him, but a jury acquitted him of everything except carrying an unlicensed handgun.

Sound familiar?  Just last week a good Samaritan shot a would-be robber.  Suddenly NYPD dropped everything to track down the good Samaritan while barely even caring about the armed robber.  Sure enough, good Samaritan gets perp-walked in front of the media.  Almost as an afterthought the cops found and arrested the robber.

From Crime Research:

With New York City’s robbery rate up 25.3% from two years ago and overall serious crime up 29%, New Yorkers have some real concerns about crime. On Tuesday, November 7th, a good samaritan, John Rote, of Queens, rescued a woman from being robbed, but he was arrested. Rote did not have a concealed handgun permit. This occurred while the NYPD is granting fewer concealed handgun permits after the Supreme Court’s Bruen ruling said it had to issue more permits. In 2021, the NYPD approved 2,591 permits. In 2022, only 1,550 permits were approved. In the six months after the high court’s decision, from June 24, 2022 to Dec. 31, 2022, the NYPD saw a surge in new gun permit applications, from just over 2,000 in the same period a year earlier to nearly 5,000, but the NYPD only approved 503 of them. That means they approved 1,047 in the six months before Bruen.

The 40-year-old woman, who was being robbed, said she felt “pure terror” during Tuesday’s robbery “in the city’s subway system she believes has become increasingly unsafe for riders.” The first quotes below show that while the woman is grateful for the risk that the man took to protect her she wishes that he hadn’t done it with a gun.

And was the NY Transit system happy for the assist?


They said that sort of behavior “will not be tolerated!”

“I want to be clear: we don’t tolerate this kind of conduct in NYC Transit, period,” the city’s top transit official, Richard Davey, said in a statement after Rote’s arrest. “Once again cameras recorded a perpetrator, and we are grateful the NYPD made an arrest within hours. Thank goodness nobody was hurt here – but what occurred was outrageous, reckless, and unacceptable.”

Michael Rulz, “New York man who saved woman from subway mugging by scaring off would-be robber with warning shot arrested,” Fox News, November 9, 2023.


Chicago today.

Today, when serious criminals in Chicago face what’s effectively a 1% chance of identification, arrest, prosecution and incarceration, good people are going enforce the law themselves.  What’s more, they aren’t going to worry about those pesky constitutional protections.

In cities like Chicago and New York City, the cops are there to discourage the “little people” from “administering justice” on their own.

Hollyweird has played up the “Wild West” as being lawless.  In reality, crime was rare in the 1800s in the America west.  They had a sheriff and maybe a deputy or two.  If desperadoes came around, they would call up a sheriff’s posse and hunt down the bad guys to either arrest them, bury them or send them running far, far away.

We don’t do that today.  While they used to hang horse thieves and murderers (along with attempted murderers), today we release them on electronic supervision.  And we get more crime.

We don’t even worry about ankle bracelets for car thieves, which are the modern day analogues of horse thieves.  Again, they used to hang horse thieves by the neck until they were dead.  Sometimes they even left the bodies out for a while to send a powerful message.

Guess what?  Horse thievery was a very rare occurrence.  So was murder and attempted murder.

Very much unlike in Chicago today.

Along those lines, when police and prosecutors aren’t taking bad people out of circulation, everyday people will take on enforcement actions.  Like with this jackass.

He stole a car, the owners caught up with him and “held him” until police arrived.  And police response times in Chicago are fair to poor at best.  As evidenced by this mope who seems as though he just couldn’t stop bashing his face against fists, boots and the pavement.

And speaking of horse thieves, in Birmingham, AL, the little people take the brunt of gang violence and other serious crime.  The local prosecutor, a Soros-funded acolyte, prioritizes social justice over social law and order.  In other words, the criminal justice system isn’t holding bad guys accountable.  Or just flat out looking the other way.

The owner of a car didn’t figure the police were going to do much to get it back, so she tracked down the car and confronted the bad guys.  Over the course of a two-mile-long running gun battle, all four of the perps in the stolen car received some extra lead supplements.  Two of them developed life-threatening wounds.  (C’mon Darwin!)  No innocents were injured.

Yeah, the police don’t like it when the little people do police work that police won’t do.

Of course, the mainstream media defends the gun control plantation owners along with the Democrats running the cesspool of Birmingham.  And why not?  The mainstream media is Democrat political operatives with bylines.  ABC News (the national version) described the car thieves as “victims,” not offenders or suspects.

…The four shooting victims are considered suspects, Fitzgerald said. Their ages were not immediately available.

There you have it.  Democrat political operatives with bylines.

How does this impact you?  One thing’s certain:  Soros prosecutors are going to be a whole lot more aggressive prosecuting the good Samaritans and little people who do the work police won’t do to identify criminal suspects than any of them are when it comes to the violent criminals.  Keep that in mind before you decide to hunt down suspects who have victimized you or while contemplating defense of innocent third parties from violent criminal attacks.

Both prosecutors and the media will be out to get you.

And that’s not a good place to find one’s self.

PS:  You’ve got legal defense coverage, right?  Like from Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network?  Or maybe US Law Shield or US CCA?  GSL recommends these three companies, but in the end, do the research and find that one that best suits your needs.  You don’t want to face a Soros-funded prosecutor with a public defender.  And you don’t want to lose all of your assets hiring a private attorney to defend you.


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