Well now.  The good people of Chicago are sick and tired of mopes stealing their stuff with impunity.   So when some career criminal stole a Kia using stolen keys, the owner tracked the car down.  Lo and behold, Mergim Mehmeti used the key to get into the car and that’s when the car’s owner and his buddies pounced.

They held the thief until police could respond.  And frankly, in Chicago, Mr. Mehmeti probably now wishes the police would respond much more quickly.  After all, the crowd had ample opportunity to “detail” Mr. M. and encourage him to quit falling down the stairs and to quit pounding his face into their fists.

The sweetest part of this story?  Under the SAFE-T Act, Mr. Mehmeti was released to get another beatdown at a later date.

From CWB Chicago:

CHICAGO — A Skokie man driving a stolen car suffered a broken nose and a closed head injury after “multiple people” tracked him down and “detained” him for Chicago police at a North Side gas station, according to a CPD arrest report.

Cops responded to calls of a battery in progress at the Shell service station, 4346 North Western, on Friday evening. When they arrived, they found those “multiple people” on top of 29-year-old Mergim Mehmeti, the report said.

A Palatine man at the scene told offices that his son borrowed his Kia Stinger to go to sports practice on the North Side, but the son either dropped the car keys or someone stole the keys from his bag. Either way, the Kia was gone after practice.

The man began tracking the Kia using Lojack and his son’s “find my phone” app. Before long, they were at the Shell station, watching Mehmeti as he used the key to get into the Kia, the arrest report continued.

Police said the victim and witnesses “confronted” Mehmeti and detained him until police arrived. The owner claimed he did not know Mehmeti, who was treated at Swedish Hospital for injuries he received during the “detention.”

Charged with felony possession of a stolen motor vehicle, he was subsequently released from custody by Judge David Kelly to await trial.

7 thoughts on “VIGILANTISM PICKING UP STEAM IN CHICAGO: Car thief ‘detained’ and ‘restrained’”
  1. What’s the problem? Looks to me like a real dirtbag got the tune-up he sorely needed. Sounds like a win-win to me.

    1. Lets hope the “street justice” catches on and the punk criminals get their due, and the average citizens stay safe and not get prosecuted for meting out discipline.

  2. Drive it like you stole it get beat like you stole it. His nuts should have been ruptured to prevent his genes from multiplying.

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