I was brooding over the things said Monday at the GSL meeting at the Combat Air Museum in Springfield when it hit me.

ISP knows they will never have to enforce PICA.  How else to explain their behavior?

They used the absolute minimum of resources on the public information meetings.  They’ve done the same in terms of resources in writing the rules because they know it is a waste of time and resources.  This is why they waited until the last minute.  They didn’t think they would get this far.

Obviously they cannot tell the public they do not plan to enforce the law, but those just below the senior staff appointed by JB Pritzker can slow-walk the process.

They expect SCOTUS to rule it un

constitutional.   Everyone knows PICA is unconstitutional and ISP knows it will be a nightmare to enforce.

This is politics, after all, where JB is playing to his base, not only here in Illinois but nationwide.  He must think Biden will fail and Newson will too.  At that point, he can play the role of white knight who saves the Democrat party.

If PICA remains the law they will only use it if someone actually breaks a real law.  Just like you said, if someone threatens someone, or does something really  bad, they will catch said idiot ASAP or when they are on their way to work.  If that happens, PICA will be the least of that idiot’s worries.

As you said, Troopers know who is still on their side.  For now.  Imagine their world if both the crooks and the law-abiding hate their guts.  It is lose/lose for them.

Ann Coulter has noted that abortion is a losing issue, and I agree, though I think it murder.  Sadly, it looks like our Republicans in IL will stand on their high moral principles and nobly lose once again.

Name withheld (but you know him)

Menard County, IL
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  1. I hope you are right the ISP isn’t going out of their way to enforce PICA.
    Most of my experiences with them was 40 some years driving a truck about half of it hauling HAS-MAT and riding a motorcycle.
    I know they both have a sign on them saying pull me over and if you look long enough you will find a violation.
    Maybe and I hope PICA will be different but I wouldn’t bet on it.



  2. You’ve got to be one of the most gullible people around. This is typical republican behavior. It’s like you’re tripping over yourself to defend cops who btw, will arrest you. The back the blue cult has brainwashed you. YOU who they consider a subject. It’s as dumb as gays for Palestine or chickens for KFC. It only takes one to turn your life upside down and untold thousands of dollars in legal fees. Denialism only goes so far then reality kicks in. Look at the Ohio election results. A non-blue state where they voted to give constitutional protections for ABORTION then the pro-lifers blamed the recreational pot referendum for bringing out young voters. It’s always someone else’s fault. There is never any self-reflection that most women don’t want the government telling them what do to with their bodies OR that most people favor legal weed. Nancy Reagan’s 1980’s ads of people’s heads melting on the couch no longer work! The public is NOT on your side and you refuse to accept that and in doing so you backward people double down and blame messaging or poorly worded ballot language or young people or turn out or ANYTHING else but understanding the fact that the public is not with you. AND by continuing this course the pro-lifers are directly to blame for the communism this country is falling into because the GOP is pushing scores of people to vote Dem thanks to the religious right’s pet control freak causes they push on a public that does not want it. We also had the golden opportunity to cut gun control off at its base by going after police qualified immunity that we LEARNED from New Mexico who eliminated this special free pass for police bad behavior that the Republicans support over their own rights. YOU GET THE GOVERNMENT YOU DESERVE. Back the blue until it’s you.

  3. Not sure why it’s part of the discussion here, but since some folks brought it up, I must point out that abortion IS murder. Calling it someone’s “choice” doesn’t make it not murder. If opposing murder is a losing cause, so be it. Do you really want to be on the side of murder? And why is it so important to be armed (ostensibly to protect life–this is Guns Save Life, isn’t it?) if you have no problem with taking the lives of the most defenseless among us?

    Why was Isreal carried captive to Babylon?
    3 Surely at the commandment of the LORD this came upon Judah, to remove them from His sight because of the sins of Manasseh, according to all that he had done, 4 and also because of the innocent blood that he had shed; for he had filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, which the LORD would not pardon. – 2Ki 24:3-4 NKJV

    How about the innocent blood shed here? 63 million and counting. Rationalize it all you want, God’s judgment on this country will continue.

    1. MOST people do not share your view and when they hear your view they vote democrat and that leads to more gun control. 2 + 2 = 4 whether your snake-handling views like it or not. So when you try to ban or even limit abortion you push people to vote democrat and you get 9 month abortion. Your views are ENABLING even more abortions. You are tripping over your own feet.

    2. I question whether it really is *most* people; I think that’s the narrative being pushed by people who feel they can benefit from it. Nevertheless, I agree that clearly, many people do not share my view. That doesn’t make it right. That’s why God’s judgement will continue until this country repents. God said “You shall not murder.” To pick and choose whom it’s okay to murder based on people’s opinions is incoherent and hypocritical. Same goes for self-defense. On what rational basis do you claim a right to self-defense? Many people disagree. If/when that becomes the majority opinion, shall we just give up our guns and go with what *most* people think? No, either we stand on God’s standard, or we get anything goes. I’m afraid your feet are standing on sinking sand, friend.

  4. Anyone who still trusts the ISP has never had their “wolf packs” descend on their town. My small village was decimated by their terrorist tactics.

  5. Everything is political theater. That being said. Rest assured, they will try to make examples of a few. This, like many things. Will work it’s way through courts. As Illinois loses more people. Last out please hit the lights.

  6. Wow, lots of great responses. Just because ISP is not serious now, does not mean they won’t be later. I do not expect this law to be stopped before the end of the year. I do not trust ISP, I fear them now, which is why I drive the speed limit at all times. But I do not think they are on board with this law and hate it as much as we do. PICA complicates their job exponentially. If they were serious, ISP would have rules that clearly show whether a 10/22 and an 870 are banned. They have had 10 months now to write these rules, and all they can do is point to the law. They are telling us something without saying it out loud

    Like John says if you threaten them or anybody else, they will visit you and probably take your guns. Don’t be that guy.

    I know I seemed to contradict myself here, but two opposite things can be true at the same time. The real rub will come if JB orders ISP to enforce PICA.
    There was a big victory on pistol braces yesterday. The Rahimi case was heard by SCOTUS yesterday and looks very favorable for our side in the long run, if not for Rahimi himself. We are slowly winning folks.

    As for being naive, well maybe I am. I was only a Federal Hearing Officer for 21 years and saw how government can abuse rules to beat up on the little guy. Interpreting laws and regulations in the real world was my job.

    Flame on, I am enjoying the discussion.

  7. Hey Wiley,

    Gays for Palestine
    Gun owners for the ISP
    Chickens for KFC
    Cows for McDonalds
    Pro-lifers for 9 month abortions

    Go stand with your oblivious friends

    1. Thanks Sean, your logic is impenetrable. Next, please explain to us how the politicians who are willing to compromise on the murder of the unborn will surely take a firm stand on the 2nd amendment.

  8. Wiley,
    You question what most people think?? Check Tuesday’s Ohio results and EVERYWHERE else abortion has been on the ballot. Sorry.

    1. I have to agree with you on this. Republicans lost the plot long ago, which was established under Reagan. Lower taxes, tough on crime, LESS intrusion in our lives by government, etc.) Abortion gave the left a ready made battle cry when Republicans decided to push government intrusion in peoples’ live via trying to legislate morality. You can’t. It’s a giant loser for them, and for us. People DON’T LIKE being told what to do. You are either moral, or you aren’t. Trying to use government to control peoples’ behavior doesn’t work, and it never will work.

      You can certainly be against abortion personally. Pass a law restricting it to six weeks or whatever, and millions of women will flip you off with both hands, and vote Democrat forever. It is this short-sighted bullshit that gives us jackasses like the Squad in Congress.

    2. I maintain that the “Republicans are losing because abortion” is a misdirection to get people to ignore the obvious fraud and maladministration in our elections. We can’t so much as question election results. If they’re so clean, then prove it. Yet we’re completely shut down. Now this narrative about pro-life being a losing cause comes along and you hear it repeated ad nauseum. What the establishment allows you to hear is what they want you to believe. I think it much more likely that people aren’t voting Republican because they’re a bunch of spineless, do-nothing, jaw-flapping compromisers whose only purpose is to sell us out more slowly than the Democrats.

      As to the “you can’t legislate morality” argument, it’s simply absurd. Every law imposes someone’s morality, it’s just a question of who’s. We have laws making murder illegal. Says who? Isn’t that imposing someone’s morality? The 2nd Amendment declares our right to keep and bear arms. Says who? Isn’t that imposing someone’s morality? If our laws don’t reflect the fixed standard of God’s morality, then we end up with mob rule and might makes right. Of course you can’t force people to like the law, much less obey it, but that doesn’t make the law bad.

  9. It might be political theater, but there are very real consequences if you get busted. Life-changing consequences.

  10. The liberals have only had abortion to keep them in office at the expense of the rest of the country. For years, and especially, since January 2021, all their other U.S. policies, have been a disaster. (Illinois’ liberal policies much longer.) When there’s no food, money, heat, AC, tech devices, or freedom to move about, abortion won’t matter when people start jumping from high places.

  11. You are spot on; I still have a few contacts at ISP. I have been told you are correct. Not many troopers want to hammer a citizen who has done nothing wrong by enforcing an unconstitutional statute.

    1. Not wanting to is one thing but how many are going to risk retiring at 55 with a pension and all the perks that most people can only dream about.
      I’m sure the money will win.

  12. Boch said it at the meeting… they will be as lenient as they can. However a lenient felony is still a felony.

  13. State Senator Brad Halbrook just stated on the Senate Floor that ISP has said they will let the counties enforce PICA. More than 90 Illinois County Sheriffs have stated in writing that they will not enforce this law. Jeff Chelowinski’s statement above gives me real hope that this is true. Not that I trust ISP, but that their heart is not in this fight. Yeah, if you are caught doing something real stupid they may charge you with PICA, and then barter that charge away for cooperation.

  14. Jboch, you boot licking apologist you as you continue to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and freely display it in your articles. So the ISP isn’t serious about the gun ban? Then enjoy your “mostly peaceful” felony. It only takes one. Just like it only takes one shark in the water to bite your legs off but hey, you give those who are designed to harm you a free pass and consistently apologist and makes excuses for them so good luck. The sad thing is GSL is the best IL-based organization that pretends to be pro-2A in the state. It only gets worse from here folks!

    Gays for Palestine
    Chickens for KFC
    Cows for Burger King
    Pro-lifers for 9 month abortions
    Gun owners for the ISP

    You get the government you deserve. Back the blue UNTIL IT’s YOU!

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