Dads across America worry about their daughters picking decent guys as boyfriends.  Moms and dads alike want their daughter to date a guy who can provide, protect and be a good husband and father.  They don’t want their daughters to date losers who have no future, or who are fringe criminals (or worse yet, career criminals).  Parents darn sure don’t want their little girls to fall for abusers and low-life scumbags who victimize others.  And every dad worries that his daughter might date “bad boys.”

So a Chicago man (yes, that’s a tweak of the memes about “Florida man”) has thrown his hat into the ring for BOYFRIEND OF THE YEAR.  Or maybe Chicago’s most eligible bachelor.

Who is he?

His name is Chaz Blakes.

Sounds like a great frat boy voted “most likely to succeed” in high school, right?

Yeah, not so much.

See, Chaz is a thug.  A five-time felon career criminal.

His girlfriend, Genesis Escobar, 21, was seven months pregnant when Chaz thought it a great idea to bring her along while he tried to rob a “street pharmacist” of money and product.  Blakes got into the dealers’ car to do the deal (and pull the robbery) while the girl stood outside.

In the ensuing shootout that occurred inside the car, the sharp-shooting Blakes ripped off a string of rounds at his intended victim.  Aren’t those switch-equipped Glocks great?

While none of his shots hit his intended target, four rounds of the burst hit his pregnant girlfriend standing outside the car.  (Know your target and what’s beyond it.)

With great haste, Chazzypoo fled the car as the occupants returned the favor by shooting back.  Inadvertently some of the cash fell out of the car as Chaz beat a hasty retreat from the vehicle before it sped away.

What did Chaz do after the dealer’s car sped away?

Instead of rendering aid to his dying girlfriend and their unborn baby, or gathering her up and taking her to a nearby hospital, Chaz returned to the scene and scrambled to grab a few errant bills that had fallen out of the vehicle as it sped away.  And then he drove off, leaving Genesis behind.

Nice guy right?

Feet first through a bogged-down wood chipper is far too kind for this guy.

As for Genesis, that was a real tragedy.  Ladies:  if you hang out with the bad boys doing stupid things, sometimes you get to collect appropriate prizes.

CWB Chicago has details.

CHICAGO — Prosecutors say a Hillside man shot and killed his girlfriend while trying to rip off a pot dealer on Chicago’s West Side in March.

The Sun-Times reported just two days after the shooting that police believed Genesis Escobar’s boyfriend was responsible, but he was not arrested and charged until late last month.

Chaz Blakes, 35, was ordered held to await trial by Judge Ankur Srivastava.

Officials believe Blakes and Escobar, 21, met up with a pot dealer in the 5200 block of West Montana on March 6. Escobar got into the man’s vehicle while Blakes stood outside.

As the transaction unfolded, Blakes pulled out a gun and tried to rob the dealer while threatening to kill him, prosecutors said.

The robbery “resulted in a shootout, which resulted in his co-offender being shot,” Srivastava noted in his detention order.


5 thoughts on “CHICAGO BOYFRIEND OF THE YEAR: 5-time career thug tries to rob pot dealer, pregnant girlfriend catches 4 stray rounds, then instead of rendering aid, he grabs cash and runs”
  1. SOP for POS like this. He just abandoned his baby a little earlier than most of them do.
    How do you have a shootout INSIDE a car and miss your target?

    1. With a “Glock switch” apparently “gun control” is sacrificed for “mega rounds down-range” to frighten intended “target”, instead of eliminating target. Idiots all.

  2. Genisis being as big as idiot as her lover should be jailed for child endangerment. Even then the baby isn’t out of danger it can still be aborted up until it starts kindergarten. I can’t wait to tell people that I live in Western Indiana. Come on secession. Everything north of I-80 can still be Illinois.

    1. Yeah, no “chile support”, no “baby-mama” demanding “chile support”, no “baby-mama” demanding he get a j o b to pay de rent, wind-fall drug dealer munny, until the drug dealer hunts him down with his “Glock-switch” pistola and puts him in de ground.

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