As the clock ticks down to gun confiscation in Illinois for those who don’t register their naughty guns before January 1, 2024, each successive week proves humiliating and then some to Gov. J.B. Pritzker and his merry band of gun control jihadists in the Illinois General Assembly.  After five weeks – 35 days – the number of registered gun owners in Illinois who have “brought themselves into compliance” with the new law by registering their verboten guns stands at 2906.  Considering there are 2,415,481 FOID holders, that’s pretty pathetic.

It’s actually .120307%.

Frankly, many of us wonder why Pritzker continues to allow his State Police to publicize these no good, terrible numbers.

99.9% of gun owners in IL are flipping the governor the bird when it comes to compliance with an unconstitutional edict.

The good news for the big guy is that the number of gun owners did tick upwards this week, breaking the steady decent we’ve seen for weeks.

At the present rate, JB will be lucky to break 2% by Christmas.

5 thoughts on “MASS NON-COMPLIANCE RULES THE DAY: Five weeks into gun registration and Pritzker has only managed to achieve **.12% COMPLIANCE**”
  1. A governor and legislature that swears an oath to uphold the state and United State’s Constitutions upon entering office then passes legislation counter to the very documents they have sworn to respect and enforce, deserve neither respect nor compliance to unconstitutional enacted “laws”. How do you spell “treason”? I spell it ‘J. B. Pritzker and Joe “big guy” Biden’.
    I owe no allegiance to a government administration that does not abide by their oaths of office!

  2. Pritz”puke” doesn’t have at present time enough state police “gestapo” personnel to conduct a massive state wide door to door gun confiscation campaign and hopefully the federal government is to damn broke to send Pritzger the hundreds of billions of dollars he is counting on to hire the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to swell the ranks of the ‘Gestapo” to carry out his “first” in the nation all out gun confiscation plan……boy, wouldn’t that look great on Pritzger’s resume for his run at the 2028 presidential election.

  3. I am curious about the compliance percentages quoted in this and other GSL articles. The numbers seem to have little if any value as they compare FOID holders to number of individual that have registered firearms. Without knowing either the total number of Il gun owners possessing covered weapons or the percentage of FOID holders possessing covered weapons, the percentages quoted seem meaningless. They may indicate low compliance but have no statistical significance as it relates to compliance rates.

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