Apologies for lack of posting.  Went to Indiana to do some family stuff for the boys’ 5th birthday.  They saw elephants and had a great time.  I had a donkey steal of cup of food out of my hand rather aggressively.  There’s a joke in there somewhere.  You would know that I would leave the computer at home and the courts would finally issue a decision.

Yes, our joint appeal with a slew of other cases was rejected by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals by a 2-1 margin.

Todd Vandermyde covered this well enough.  I’m not going to rehash what he’s done well.

First:  Don’t panic.  As Todd notes, this decision is on the “shadow docket” appeal seeking a preliminary injunction to block PICA.

Here’s the status:

Our “interlocutory” appeal was rejected by the 7th.  We’re going to appeal.  No secrets there.  I’m not sure SCOTUS will take this up on their shadow docket.  I’m about 95% sure that we’re going to take it there anyway.

But that’s not the only thing happening.

What else?  The Thomas Maag case is awaiting a decision from Judge McGlynn that may effectively strike down PICA once more.

Also, on Thursday, Judge McGlynn granted our request in our lawsuit to file an amended brief.  We’re giving him another bite at the apple on a host of grounds.


6 thoughts on “Status of lawsuits challenging PICA…”
  1. The huge problem. Is the courts literally thumb their collective noses at the constitution and the supremes. They have no respect for themselves or anything involving actual jurisprudence. We live in a time of petty tyrants.

  2. I’m sure Senator Jason Plummer got some peace of mind out of the 2-1 ruling against the constitution. All of that sympathy for the ISP, those poor things. We have to make sure they don’t get their feelings hurt or are confused over this. Now they know what to do…………hunt down IL residents. But at least they know what to do. That’s what Plummer cares about. The state police. He BACKS THE BLUE!

    Never mind you

    1. Toddy-boy, filling his “in-depend ANT” diapers with more small piles of manure, go away, smelly one.

  3. SCOTUS needs to stop asking the lower courts nicely to follow Bruen and needs to just drop the hammer. When you have arrogant self serving narcissists like Easterbrook who refuse to do their job it’s time for scotus to do their job

  4. Will this not go to the full circuit for a decision? How do cases like this get decided by only three people?

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