At the first public hearing over the PICA gun & magazine ban, the Illinois State Police’s mouthpiece Suzanne Bond sounded a lot like a parrot.  She kept repeating the same answers over and over again.

Who is this woman who’s making upwards of $146,400 per year, up dramatically from a couple of years ago?

Well, one of our friends shared this with us.

Suzanne Yokley Bond. Daughter of former ISP Colonel Thomas Yokley, who is the village President (idiot) in Williamsville.
Tom Yokley’s ego should have it’s own zip code. He was a weird fucker as a command officer. He used to be a Bruce buddy, but I don’t know where that relationship is.
Anyway, Suzanne got every job she had from daddy’s clout. She doesn’t have to answer questions, or know anything because she is pretty much immune to termination.
I thought she was an attorney, but I can’t find her in the IARDC. I’m probably not searching correctly.
15 thoughts on “More on Suzanne Bond – Illinois State Police’s ‘Polly Want a Cracker’ Parrot”
  1. Anyone still supporting the ISP at this point should be mocked endlessly. So far, there are ZERO people in the legislature that should be re-elected. NONE OF THEM

  2. jboch, the lessor of two evils is why these republican grifters are grifters. They know they have enough people like you out there in the voting base that will apologize for them because you would rather be thrown under the bus and taken for granted than risk political homelessness. By supporting the republicans that voted against the gun ban but THEN turn around and advance the ISP actually IS a legislature full of Carol Ammons. The ISP is in charge of the ban and its enforcement so by advancing this department, it advances the voting record of Carol Ammons and her ilk. 2 + 2 still equals 4 to some of us. Republican partisans REFUSE to connect the dots here because it challenges their worldview. Cognitive dissonance. You can live in fantasy all you want, however. Good luck!

  3. A good start: quit adopting crappy laws and dropping them into the laps of LEO’s. The AG’s office should be responsible for enforcement since there is no indication that he had any reservations of its enactment, and he continues to argue for it in court. There needs to be an elected official directly responsible for this Act. But, hey, who wants that skunk pizz all over them, right?!?

  4. What is #Todd’s “party of choice”? You denigrate all republicans, say NOTHING about the democRATS that follow the Marxist ideals that have turned this state of ILL-Annoy into “communist-lite”. Are you “independent? A following of maybe 1 tenth of 1 percent of all voters? Come on man, tell us the great majority party you support and send your thousands of dollars to send your favorite politician into the governor’s house. If you are voting democRAT, you are the problem, if you are not voting, why denigrate those who do vote? If you vote independent, your vote is less than nothing. Are you “politically homeless”? WTF?

  5. only commie d-suckers pass/support/enforce gun control, IL gubmint – keep swallowing

  6. GSL 1589, thanks for proving everything I just said. Yes I am an independent – thanks for noticing that I’m not shackled and chained to a group of political hacks that exploits my time and money then advances causes like the ISP activist agency that harm people. You and the “demoRATs” you complain of are two sides of the same coin and you can’t even see it because you’re so blinded by your own ideology. Good luck and enjoy getting betrayed again and again.

    1. Sooo, your “vote” has no reason, why don’t you just get all (few dozen) of your fellow “in-depend ants” together and collectively poop out a candidate that will overshadow those “in charge” in ILL-Annoy and change the direction of the state law enforcement, legislature, and state senate (in your in-depend ant dreams) so we will all live better. OH, WAIT, there are not enough of you “in-depend ants” to make a good manure pile, are there?

    2. When someone accidently “steps” into your in-depend ant small “pile”, it just leaves a mess on the bottom of their shoes and a NASTY smell, take your nasty smell and just GO AWAY, smelly one.

    3. Toddy-boy, or is that Toady-boy?, you and your vote are less than worthless especially when you do nothing but denigrate fellow American citizens, how do you like it when you get it turned back at ya? tu-che brutis.

  7. Communist politicians creating disarmament legislation combined with bureaucrats that are willing to enforce the laws and policies mixed with the brainwashed masses. These masses that worship the governments propaganda through social media and corporate “news”. Together are the three legs of the seat for power.
    Currently in Illinois, the Democrats control all three. They control the narrative. They control the government all three branches. And they control the bureaucrats. They are the bureaucrats. Including the leadership at the Illinois state police. Specifically the leadership that is seeking power. Not those that are doing their job serving the public. But, those that are out, purely for more power, ego, and their own interests. Any government employee that can enforce a law and interpret It is a bureaucrat, and is dangerous, in whatever position they hold. The ISP were Given illegal laws that are unconstitutional that is the problem.

    1. Very much agreed with your post, Chad, and they are and have been sooo entrenched throughout gubmint, there is little chance to dislodge them, short of civil dissonance; the “masses” feeding off of the gubmint “teat” outnumber the taxpaying citizens and parasites will not vote out the enablers. With the influx of the mass invaders coming into the country by way of the Biden open border invitation, the parasites will overwhelm and destroy America for many years. Pray for our Constitutional Republic, we are “circling the drain”!

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