There are some polling numbers out that should scare all of us.  Almost exactly half of Democrats in America today – the same people who wanted to throw people into jail for refusing to get vaccinated, questioning vaccine effectiveness or refusing to wear masks – support banning handguns in America.  Do they want women to be at the mercy of stronger men?  Do they want gays to get bashed and blacks to get oppressed and lynched?  Or are they just not thinking things through?

Yeah, let’s ban guns.

The Klan and other racists would approve.

Today’s Democratic party isn’t one your dad would likely recognize.

5 thoughts on “‘DEFENSELESS VICTIMHOOD FOR ALL’? 49% of Democrats want to ban all handguns.”
  1. My parents and grandparents were Democrats. My grandparents (both sides) proudly voted for John Kennedy. But they wouldn’t vote Dem today. No effin’ way. John Kennedy wouldn’t have a place in today’s Dems. But half would ban handguns? Maybe they could get behind banning murder too? Oh wait.

    1. The democRATS need the high murder/crime rates to promote their anti-firearms agenda. Period. The only time it affects them personally is if the crime “happens” to them or their family members personally.
      When I was young and dumb, I voted democRAT, as did my father. I think. Thanks to living through Jimma Caatur’s recession, struggling for funds. and his 21% inflation, I “saw the light” and have been a dedicated Reagan Republican since. Not very proud of most of the RINOs but to keep a “majority”, we need them as “placeholders”, unfortunately. I believe in the “Greene” agenda as long as it includes Marjory Taylor Greene and NOT the glo-bull warming/cooling/climax change hoax. TRUMP 2024!!

  2. The poll was taken from October 2 to October 23, so most of the opinions were taken after the Hamas Atrocities committed on October 7. I guess they think terrorist attacks will never happen here, even though they do.

  3. Think does not relate to Communist, Democrat, but I repeat myself. Stupid, stupid people.

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