Meet Terrence Slaughter (above).  In an incredibly prophetic booking image, he shows what he’s going to look like in a few days after losing $3.5M worth of cartel cocaine to a police bust at Midway Airport in Chicago.  Thanks to the new SAFE-T Act, Mr. Slaughter was released without bail and ordered to return to court.  Like that’s going to happen.  Mexican drug cartels are gonna find this guy and kill him deader than Disco.  They might even kill his girlfriend too, just to make a point.

Racist Justin Slaughter giving his “Black Power” salute after passage of the SAFE-T Act in the dead of night.

Yes, the Land O’ Lincoln’s so-called SAFE-T Act strikes again.  Thank you Rep. Justin Slaughter (Democrat – Chicago) (pictured above) for the SAFE-T Act and its “No Cash Bail” provisions.  You surely showed them how it’s done.

CWB Chicago:

CHICAGO — A man allegedly found carrying $3.5 million worth of cocaine in his luggage at Chicago Midway International Airport was released to await trial by a judge, who told him to stay in Illinois and show up to court.

Terrence Slaughter, 55, was arrested at Midway on October 24, the 16th anniversary of the day a federal judge sentenced him to 15.67 years for stealing guns from a retired cop and intentionally selling them to gang members, according to court records.

Chicago police said Slaughter gave investigators consent to search his two roller bags at Midway shortly before 2 p.m. last Tuesday. Cops found 12 vacuum-sealed bags of suspected cocaine in one bag and 11 sealed bags of suspected cocaine in the other, documents accompanying the criminal complaint said.

Altogether, the investigators recovered 62 pounds of suspected cocaine with a street value of $3,518,125, according to the complaint.

Prosecutors charged Slaughter with Class X manufacture-delivery of cocaine. They did not, however, ask Judge David Kelly to detain Slaughter before trial. So, the judge released him with instructions to show up for court, stay in the state, and stay away from Midway, the clerk of court records show.

6 thoughts on “HE WON’T MAKE HIS COURT DATE: Guy caught flying in 62 pounds of cocaine to Midway Airport in Chicago, released under SAFE-T Act.”
  1. The “Black Power” salute is akin to the Heil Hitler salute. Good on you for calling him out on this. As for the drug mule? How many times did he do this before he got caught? The world isn’t going to miss him. He missed his chance to become a productive, decent human being about 55 years earlier.

  2. Allegedly transporting
    suspected cocaine? That would be all pretty laughable. Except he was released. And is currently trying to appear invisible to the cartel.

    1. I agree. He will be lucky if they don’t kill everyone in his family. Just like the scene in Pulp Fiction.

      Loved deader than Disco too

  3. Yup. He is a dead man walking. But he’s probably always been a shithead so no great loss.

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