Pity poor little old Governor J.B. Pritzker.  He’s looking pretty darn impotent right now to his fan club nationwide in his quest to become the Democrat Party’s nominee for President.  And no amount of little blue pills is gonna fix this problem.  A mere eight-tenths of one percent of gun owners have registered their banned guns.

What’s more, while everyone expected the number of persons registering would grow with each passing month, quite the opposite is happening in the real world.

And now, at least one State Representative is publicly advising people not to register their banned self-defense firearms.  Just as Guns Save Life has done.

From TCS:

(The Center Square) – Fewer than a tenth of a percent of the state’s Firearm Owners ID card holders have registered with Illinois State Police their semi-automatic firearms that are now banned by state law.

Of more than 2.4 million FOID card holders, the total for Week 3 of the registry shows 2,046 individuals have disclosed more 3,880 firearms, more than 2,100 accessories. There’s also been almost 40 ammunition disclosures. That’s 0.08% of FOID card holders, up from 0.07% the prior week and up from 0.04% for the first week

State Rep. Blaine Wilhour, R-Beecher City, isn’t surprised by the low turnout.

“The folks that own guns in the state of Illinois know that this initiative is unconstitutional and I’ve been clear all along that noncompliance with something that is non-constitutional is an appropriate stance to take,” Wilhour told The Center Square.

There you have it.


2 thoughts on “IL State Rep. Blaine Wilhour: DO NOT REGISTER your guns with the Illinois State Police”
  1. Yet he voted to fund the very agency who’s doing ALL OF THIS! Talk about cognitive dissonance. On one hand the GOP supports the police. I wonder if that includes the non-citizen invaders too? It’s a good question because it includes the ISP who will round up people who listen to his advice, although he’s right people should not register or even click on the disclosure button. ON THE OTHER HAND they say the are pro-2A. So which is it? The ISP is an activist anti-2A organization and this website even pointed out them recording ammo purchases without authority. They also said things purchased during those six days when the law was blocked are not legal. So they’ve assumed a position above a federal court order against them. Isn’t that contempt of court for anyone else? That in addition to other gun control they’ve advocated for. Do your own research. If any supposed pro-2A lawmaker voted to give your tax dollars to Mom’s Demand Action knowing their foot soldiers were armed and willing to murder you in your own home would this even be a question? The fact a cop does the same thing they somehow get a pass. The GOP’s back the blue thing is coming back to bite the ass. Just wait until after January 1st. How long after that will these people continue the “doing their job it’s Pritzker’s fault” line of crap? People around the country laugh at Illinois for a reason. People get the government they deserve.

  2. I might be wrong, but isn’t 0.08, eight one hundredths of one percent. 8.0 is 8 percent, 0.8 is eight tenths of one percent, 0.08 is 8 one hundredths of one percent, I think, I used to be pretty good at math but percentages are always confusing, and I am pushing the 7th decade (next year). Not to be picking at nits. Just sayin’.

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