First, we lead off with an educational video about where things are at in Chicago…

Then we see what’s happened the last few days in Chicago.  In short, the criminals in Chicago ride around with guns that the law-abiding aren’t allowed to have… unless we’re going to a range with all of our magazines unloaded and encased.



2 thoughts on “Another peaceful weekend in the bucolic city of Chicago…”
  1. Two words: FAILED CITY. I had the misfortune of Being in Chicago this past weekend. The pro Palestinian protesters very nice touch on top of groups of gang bangers prowling the Magnificent Mile.
    FWIW I was with two also heavily armed folks who live and work in that cesspool. They seemed unphased by all the potential threats but they wrecked more than a couple OODA loops of predators.

    Saw a couple of carloads of suspected badguys too. Christ. Now I see why BJ has a big detail!

  2. I don’t know how true this is but I have heard that Mayor McCheese Johnson has sent busloads of the invaders downstate. Supposedly a busload of invaders was unloaded in Carlinville, Macoupin County, which is home to many peace-loving people. I seldom carry here in the village (pop 400) or when I go to Mt. Pilot (pop 4500) but here lately I have noticed several invader-looking types (hell yes I’m profiling) lurking about. I advise these lurkers to go back to where they came from be it Chicago or Somalia. Have a nice day.

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