Received this email.  It’s…  something that’s on the mind of many.

Mr. Boch,

No one is saying it even though many are thinking it.

When will articles come out that explain the ONLY way this will finally come out on the side of gun owners?

“Stand your ground” has become a popularized term in Florida but it should be commonly used to describe any and all instances where draconian laws (i.e. Tyranny) causes immediate threats to life and property.

That day is coming.

I have no death wish but am not afraid of the last stage of this life either.

We will be forced to fight, and maybe die. But, how are we any better than our forefathers who did the same against the brutal, tyrannical Brits?

It appears we’re actually in a much worse situation now than back then, but at the very least, equally engaged in all terms.

The brainwashing and social engineering have a great deal to do with where we are now.

Also, to mention, the communist bought-and-paid-for police chiefs, judges, senators, mayors, governors, all offices in between and the highest office in the land are fully complicit in the total destruction and takeover of the USA.

It may be too late already.  But, it’s definitely time to take a stand in writing so the punks that put themselves in charge will have no doubt about what’s coming. They really are completely nuts.

No F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real.

It’s that simple and you have a major outlet to state the truth.

I ask you do, and soon.

God, Guns and Gold,



3 thoughts on “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘We will be forced to fight, and maybe die.’”
  1. One name comes to mind: George Soros.
    Why isn’t Jake sharing his last name? Or is it Jake from State Farm writing this?
    Not sure exactly what he’s saying here, but yeah, the Soros-funded political hacks are definitely “America last” and they HATE patriotic Americans.

  2. I can’t argue with Jake. I have had the same thought many times. I pray that this premonition never happens but if it does …….

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