Got kids or grandkids?  Want to teach them to actually hit targets with a shotgun AND give them a chance to go hunting for some pheasants?  I’ve got something for you then!

It looks like a combination Wingshooting class (they’re awesome, by the way!) and an afternoon Pheasant hunt after the class.  They’re looking for about 17 more under young people 18s.  (Minimum age is probably about 10 – they have to be big enough to hold the shotgun.)

A Hunter Safety card is required:

Young hunters with a valid Illinois Hunting or Sportsmen’s License must be accompanied by a supervisory adult at least 18 years of age. Resident hunters born on or after January 1, 1980 must have successfully completed the Hunter Safety Education Course provided by the Department of Natural Resources to obtain a Hunting or Sportsmen’s License.

Got this from friends at Pheasants Forever:

Charlie Montgomery, the IDNR site superintendent at Clinton Lake State Recreation Area, has asked us to share information about the upcoming youth pheasant hunt to be held on Oct. 28. Charlie reports: “Wewould like to have a full hunt and we are short about 17 youth yet. The event will begin at 8 am at the Clinton Lake park office. We will do a wingshooting class in the morning, have lunch that is provided, and the hunt after lunch.”

The park office is located at 7251 Ranger Rd., DeWitt, IL 61735. You can reach Charlie at 217-935-8722 or More information is available at

Darrell Smith, Secretary

Follow the Youth Pheasant Hunt link and IDNR has hunts on state lands in a number of areas of the state.

OTHER GOOD NEWS:  You don’t have to worry about not taking unregistered semi-auto shotguns on this hunt.   You won’t be able to (legally) use unregistered semi-auto shotguns after January 1st under the new Protect Illinois Communities Act.