How could this have happened?  Belgium has some pretty strict gun control laws.  Yet a violent Muslim started shooting people in Brussels, killing two and wounding an unknown number of others before running away.  Police have yet to catch him, but rest assured, they’ll be looking for him.



From NBC:

Two Swedish nationals were shot dead in Brussels on Monday night and another person was wounded in an attack that is being investigated as apparent terrorism.

Belgian authorities said that the person responsible for the attack said on social media that he was inspired by the Islamic State militant group and that he was possibly motivated to attack Swedish people.

It was not immediately clear whether the shooter had been confronted by police or was in custody.

Belgian authorities raised the threat level for Brussels to 4, the highest, and raised the general threat level for Belgium to 3.

A video of the shooting posted on X, formerly Twitter, shows an attacker in an orange jacket on the street and the sound of gunfire. The video, posted by an account that verifies online videos, shows the shooter then entering a building and appearing to open fire inside. An apparent victim falls to the floor. The shooter then appears to fire on the victim again.

Have you noticed they don’t have terror attacks in Poland and Hungary?

One thought on “Muslim terror attack in Brussels: Two dead, jihadi on the loose with AK-pattern rifle”
  1. They don’t have these attacks in Poland or Hungary because they don’t allow every kind of scum on Earth to crawl across a wide open border pretending to be a “refugee”. At least Belgium is starting to figure out who poses a threat, here our DOJ is run by mentally ill Marxist filth and they pretend the main threat is white supremacists.

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